Spring Season Green Drink – Asparagus -Cucumber &….


With the month of May arriving,
comes the freshly grown asparagus
from our local valley fields.

I was inspired by the BHW tv interview,
to “create a green drink for dinner to-nite”.

Which was perfect timing for me,
since we are attending a “lite dinner and Herbal growing co-op” meeting to-nite.

I will begin with  listing  a couple of the ingredients,

 and many of the vegetables health benefits,

then below you will find  the simple recipe.

The best thing, this dinner only takes 5 minutes to make.


First ingredient:

Freshly harvested asparagus.

Asparagus is known to act as a general kidney stimulant.

and can be irritating to the kidneys if taken in excess, or if the kidney’s are too inflamed,
otherwise it is a natural spring kidney flush.

It contains a high content of chlorophyll which is a good blood builder.

The asparagus tips are also high in Vitamin A,
and have a good water content which is helpful during elimination diets.

Second Ingredient:


The mighty avocado contains 14 minerals, including iron and copper,

and helps to prevent nutritional anemia. It also contains sodium and potassium,
which give this fruit a high alkaline reaction.


We could write a book about cucumbers benefits,
but here are the highlights:

– cucumbers are cooling to the body and the blood,
where the saying “cool as a cucumber” comes from.
– they are a wonderful digestive aid, and have a purifying effect on the bowel.
– they are an alkaline food.
– have a wide variety of B-vitamins and minerals too.

Celery: Another star alkalining vegetable.

Celery is another alkaline food with a high water content. It can be juiced, blended in soups, or eaten as a vegetable with almond butter tucked into it.

Celery is generally known as a sodium food, the good natural sodium,

(not to be confused with processed table salt. )

Remember, in nature, there are many minerals present with the sodium,

and it’s action is helpful, not damaging to the body.

Sodium is the mineral salt known as the “Youth maintainer of the body”.

It helps to keep us  flexible, limber and repairs stiff sore joints and muscles.

– it neutralizes acid and is a good blood cleanser.
– it is also required for the walls of the stomach, and also benefits the brain and nervous system.

We need to increase the consumption of this wonderful vegetable,

and putting it in a green smoothie is one easy way to do that.

Now onto the Basic Asparagus-Cucumber- Celery Green Drink Masterpiece.

1 cup Asparagus, (cut the tough ends off)
1 Avocado
1 Celery
1/2 Cucumber
1 Tbsp. Hemp Oil
A handful of Cilantro
1/2 garlic clove.
A squeeze of fresh lemon to taste
Dab of Himalayan sea salt
1 cup of water (add more as desired)

In a Vita-Mix – blend on low for a minute or two,
then onto High speed for a minute,

and Presto,
a Delicious,

Drinking one of these a day, will allow healing to occur, from the Inside-Out!


I’d love to hear from you, have you made a green drink? Share your recipe, I’d love to try it.



  1. says

    Thanks for the simple, easy recipe. I have not made a green drink in a long time. I’m sure my body is going to thank me and ultimately you for it.

    Jacqui Dobens:>)

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