Raising Your Vibration with Nutrition

How are you making out with managing your energy and emotions during this planetary and evolutionary shift?  Can you feel the intensity of these amazing times we are living in right now?

As we are almost half-way through the year 2011, there is little doubt that we are living in extraordinary times.

As the Hopi Indians have said:

We are the Ones we have been waiting for.

I’d like to share a short story with you.

This quote from the Hopi Indians became more integrated and understood by myself and my family, after we were fortunate enough to visit the Hopi Indian Mesa’s in Arizona this past April.

We happened to connect with a local, and during our Hopi land tour, we were fortunate to meet with the Chief, his sister and grandson in their home on the Mesas. We saw with our own eyes, how the Hopi Indians live, and it is very simply I must say.

The purpose of this story is this.
We are shifting, right now, into a higher vibration of more love, compassion, purpose and passion.

Did you know you can raise your vibration through the quality of your food?

Fortunately I have found a conscientious, honest and authentic company that provides a few foundational whole raw plant foods that will take care of your basic nutritional needs.

Conscious Planet is a company in which I know the owners personally, and their mission is to provide educaiton and natural health supplements, to help shift the consciousness of the planet. 

I have been using these products for 3 years, and they align with my training and education in regards to removing the root cause of all health challenges, and how the body can heal itself when given the proper nutrients.
We can become distracted with the wide range of marketing and good salesey letters, trying product after product and never really getting anywhere.
If you have stopped or let yourself get off track with your health, now is your “call” to get back on track.

I recommend the Conscious Planet Transform whole food supplement, Enzymes and Colonyze to begin building your health to a higher level, which includes more energy and more Light within your Being.

This website: http://www.annette.consciousplanet.net

has a 4 part video that will give you the answers to the Root Cause of Dis-Ease,

and what you can do to help yourself.

I am here to help you, answer your questions, inspire you, guide you, and partner with you.

Your level of health and vibration is going to help us move into the higher vibration on this beautiful planet.

Are you ready to take care of YOU.

I appreciate your willingness to appreciate your health, and I invite you to amp up your health and your vibration.

Let’s take the journey together,
One AHA moment at a time,
one step at a time,
together we will shift into the Higher Conscious Beings we really are.

Enjoy the journey


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