Cherries – a natural laxative and iron builder.

Summer is here, and so is your access to fresh, alive food!

This is exactly what your body requires to feel more energetic.

The other day I was mentioning to my sister about how black cherry juice

will help her build or maintain her iron levels in her blood.

Her response was that she didn’t want to become constipated,

and this reminded me of how the average person may have this experience

or belief of relating “iron pills” to “constipation”.

If you are looking to build strong healthy blood,

without constipation, look no further.

Now is the season for cherries, and cherries are a wonderful food

that is high in iron,

is a natural laxative, and a wonderful blood builder.

This is the amazing benefit of using whole foods for improving your health,

the side effects are actually “side benefits”,

nature’s wisdom at it’s finest.

Other benefits of cherries and cherry juice include:

– it is wonderful for elimination

– it is a gall bladder and liver cleanser

– drink a 6 oz. glass of black cherry juice each morning before breakfast

as a mini gall bladder and liver cleanse.

– it benefits the stomach, and joints too.

Cherries are best eaten alone, or with other fruits,

and not with starches.

Now is the time to use the foods in season to build your health, naturally.

If you want to watch a short “Cherries and Your Health” Video I

created last year, you can see me in a cherry orchard,

going over the benefits of cherries for you and your family,

you can view it here: (it’s only 3 minutes),.

It’s important to also note that cherry juice is higher in sugar content than
eating the whole fruit,

and therefore if you are a diabetic or wanting to manage your blood sugar

the whole fruit with the fiber may be a better choice for you.

I wish all of you a Happy Canada Day,

and USA Indepencance Day week-end.

Your Natural and Spiritual Health Coach,


PS Health Tip: Keep your eyes open for local u-pick farms,

you and your family will enjoy the experience.

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