Wow-Cherries and Bleach!

Just a quick note.

I wanted to fill you in on the latest news.

I gave you all the health benefits of cherries,

and why U-pick cherries are fun and great to eat.

Now there’s one more thing I found out.

I just spent a day working in a cherry sorting plant.

You know,

the “commercial” plants that send cherries all over the world.

Well if YOU are buying these “perfect” cherries,

Make sure you wash them good.

They process them in bleach water,

my eyes were burning,


just from sorting the cherries.

So to wrap this up, here’s 3 steps to healthy cherries.

1. pick and wash them yourself.

2. buy them from a local farm that picks and sells without “bleach processing”.

3. If you buy at a market or store, wash them before you eat them.

Keep up the good work, in making better food choices every day.

Your Natural Health Coach,


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