Wild Superfoods and Your Health

As the fall season continues, it is really helpful to look around where you live,

and see what kind of wild berries, trees and such are growing naturally,

that you can “harvest for free”.

Here I have included a picture of me picking wild huckleberries.

Annette Huckleberries








They are small bushes close to the ground,

and they are also a favorite food of the bears.

We drive up the mountain about 15 minutes,

(which took us 10 years to actually find a good “huckleberry picking spot”,)

and away we go. 

Huckleberries are similar to blueberries,

and usually they are much smaller.

The size of the berries do not directly relate to the nutritional value.

Wild fruit and superfoods are usually smaller,

yet their nutritional value is very high. 

They are growing in their natural environment,

watered bythe rain, nourished by falling leaves in the fall,

and far away from agriculture chemical sprays.

The “energetic value” of these foods make it worthwhile for you

to go out and pick a few for yourself. 

A small handful of huckleberries packs a powerful punch of antioxidants,

and watch out, because your mouth actually turns purple.

Another purple berry that is ripe at this time of year are elderberries.

They grow from large trees, and are also very small berries.

Elderberries can be dried and used in tea for the winter season,

and they are helpful for throat and cold conditions,

and most importantly for being pro-active and adding some natural super food nutrition

to build your immune system…… before it crashes in December.

One more wild super food  for your- fall , stay healthy,  naturally program,

is wild rose hips. 

They are plentiful, easy to pick,

 and are one of the best

sources of vitamin c, including bioflavanoids,


 all of the other  “good for us” nutrients that Mother Nature willingly,

 and naturally, provides.

So go out and pick some elderberries and huckleberries for your smoothies,

freeze them or dry them along with the rose hips,

 and make your own,

winter seasonal stay healthy tea blend.

And remember,

being outside, connecting with nature,

and partnering with Mother Earth,

has many extra health bonuses,

it  reduces stress,

increases relaxation,

and allows you to slow down and just “enjoy” the energy of Nature!!!!

Hope you enjoy your ‘good for you” superfoods.

Until Next time,

Your Natural and Spiritual Health Coach,


PS  What wild foods do you harvest where you live?     I’d like to know, share below.


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