Why Natural Health-My Story


When I was younger, in my 20’s, I was partier.  I liked to drink, smoke, dance and have fun.  Then a few health challenges began to appear.

1.  I was on “the birth control pill” and at my yearly check-up they found ‘cervical cancer’.

2.  I started gaining weight, quite a bit of weight, and I was really tired, even needing naps after work.

3. Then, I started getting yeast infections.

I went to the Dr. for the first 2 symptoms, and followed through with their recommendations of “laser surgery” for the cancer, and thyroid medication for the weight gain and low energy.  No other recommendations were given to me.

When the 3rd symptom appeared, I looked for other answers.

This time a girlfriend suggested a natural health product at a health food store.  So off I went.  I walked into a health food store, bought a bottle of the recommended product, and also came home with a book, “BEYOND BASIC HEALTH”, by Bernard Jensen.


Well, that book changed my life.  It educated me that we “don’t just get cancer, or any other health challenges.”  It informed me that our eyes have the answer’s to everything that is going on “inside our bodies”, health wise, and that with nutrition, herbs and natural ways, the “body will heal itself”!  Whoa, that was a lot to take in. 

I am a person of ACTION, so I looked in the yellow pages and found an Iridologist.  I wanted to find out what my eyes had to say?   I made an appt with her, and she had lots to say to me.  Her first sentence was, “girl, you’ve been living life on the wild side”!  (Yikes, she got that right).

  She gave me many recommendations, nutritional, herbal, and more. I got started and re-gained my energy.  Within 2 years I even quit smoking, stopped drinking by about 80%, and kept inching my way to vibrant health.

  That was 15 years ago, and I have been a student of Natural Health ever since.   I studied Iridology, Herbalism, Whole Food Nutrition, Vibrational medicine, Aromatherapy, Flower Essences, and many more.

I didn’t change all my bad habits over night.  It has been a process, and bit by bit, I began to “un-do” the damage I did to my body.  It is a journey, and it feels awesome to take control of my own health, and my family too. 

When I learned about all of this, I made a wish.  I wanted to move to the country, learn about natural health and raise a family in this type of environment.  Within 4 months, that is exactly what happened.  My husband was able to receive a transfer, I quit my job of 14 years and we moved to the country, 9 hours away and over 2 mountain passes.

  Now I have been studying and practicing Natural Health for 15 years, and I can help you get clear on how you can “get started”.    If you want to take control of your health, and RECLAIM your health, I am here to give you hope, guidance, inspiration, motivation, knowledge and understanding. 

If you are struggling with:

–         Low energy, mood swings, & pms/menopause symptoms,

–         or, unbalanced blood sugars, irritability, and low energy,

–         or maybe, long standing colds, and flus, headaches,  sleepless nights are bothering you.

–         Maybe you have no energy left to go out and HAVE FUN.!

There are some key steps that can be taken to RECLAIM YOUR HEALTH.

These are all symptoms of a body that is under nourished in specific key nutrients.  That’s it, not enough of the proper nutrients “absorbed” by your body, and you are out of balance.

Re-fill your tank with high octane fuel, clear away some unwanted toxins, and you will purr like a kitten.  Really, I’m not kidding. 

When I read that book, Beyond Basic Health, I knew I didn’t want to live and raise a family in the rat race of the city.  I took the leap of faith, and followed my dreams.

 What dreams do you have?  It’s never too late, and the sooner you start, the easier it is.    I learned a lot, and making these changes was  HUGE for me.  So I know you can do it too.  

 Is it your time to say YES?

 Are you ready to move forward to LIVING YOUR GREATEST LIFE EVER? 

 One step at a time my friend, one step at a time.

In my newsletters, I will share more of my story, tips and video’s, and more ways to assist you in “feeling better and better”. 

Thanks for joining me, on this Journey,  

Feel Vibrant and Alive…In Record Time!

Your Natural Health Coach,



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