Why do people feel sleepy after eating?

There are 2 main reasons for why people feel sleepy after eating?

First, let’s understand that feeling sleepy is a very clear message from your body,

 and it is  telling you,

that what you are putting in,  is taking more energy from you, than what it is “giving to you”. 

Digestion is the process of breaking down food into nutrients that can be used by the body,

for increased energy. 

Here are 2 reasons for feeling sleepy after eating,

and then we’ll give you 2 ways to add more nutrients into your body, so you can feel energy instead of sleepy.

  1. A lack of enzymes: 

What are enzymes?

–         they  are the workers in the body, just like building a house, you can have all the materials, but without the “worker’s”, nothing will happen.

–         enzymes break down the food that we eat into smaller units so it can be “absorbed” into our bodies.

–         enzymes are the catalysts to make things happen.

There are 3 kinds of enzymes we need to digest food.

1. Digestive enzymes are secreted by our bodies salivary glands, stomach, pancreas, endocrine cells and the small intestines.

 2. Food enzymes which are found inside the whole raw foods that we eat, such as fruit and vegetables.

Important Fact about Food enzymes:   

Cooking food destroys the enzymes naturally found in whole foods.

3. Metabolic Enzymes are the enzymes that help to run all the parts of our body, and are necessary for the proper functioning of every cell.  

 They act as catalysts, produce energy, remove waste, and detoxify poisons that have accumulated. 

This is important to know. 

When you have been happily eating cooked food, without any “food enzymes” left in the food,

you are using up your metabolic enzyme reserves as well. 

That’s kind of like dipping into your savings account,

because your chequeing account is empty, and then eventually, your savings account is also empty. 

We become bankrupt in our enzyme health account.

What happens is this:

–         you become depleted in all of the enzymes.  You are enzyme bankrupt.

–          You run out of enzymes, and if you are still eating cooked food, the food is “taking energy from you”, your body is working so hard to try to digest all of that cooked food, and because it’s hard work,

you will feel tired.

–         Instead, eating food should be “giving energy to you”.

So when our bodies are running on empty in the enzyme department,

we are unable to extract the essential nutrients from our foods.

  The simple result is this,

no nutrients,

 no energy.  

 Now the second reason for feeling sleepy after eating is this:

  1. Improper Food Combining:

Food combining, what’s that?

Well, most of us have never been taught how to properly combine our foods in a way that they can be used by the body to receive nutrients.  You see, the whole point of eating is to “nourish” the body so we can live and be vibrant and healthy.

There are different enzyme requirements for different food groups. 

Protein requires protease, carbohydrates require amylase and lipase digests fats and there are many, many more.

When we eat cooked protein and cooked carbohydrates at the same time, there creates an enzyme conflict in digestion.

So when we eat meat and potatoes together, one of these foods is not going to be digested right away, and will basically decompose and rot while waiting for it’s turn.

It’s the same thing when you eat fruit with anything else. 

Fruit is designed to be eaten alone, fresh and raw, and as a whole complete natural food, your body will easily digest the fruit naturally, and this will give you energy.


Here is a simple food combining guide. 

If you really want to feel energy instead of sleepy, try this for a week.  

Write down everything you eat, and take note of how you feel afterwards.

Basic Food Combining for Optimum Digestion:

Our bodies are 80 % alkaline, and 20% acid

Therefore these recommendations match our bodies make-up.

This is a basic formula, children and senior’s or those with specific health challenges may need to adjust this formula.

Each day consume:

1 Protein – acid food 10%

1 Carbohydrate – acid food, (yes this is all grains, wheat, oats, barley, etc.) 10%

6  Vegetable – alkaline food (60%)

2 Fruits – alkaline forming food, to be eaton alone. (20%)

There we have 100% of our daily nutrient needs taken care of.

Now, here is how to combine these foods in a way that will be digested properly.

Combine protein with non-starch vegetables, (yes greens, asparagus, kale, swiss chard, but not potatoes, carrots or squash), unless it’s raw.

One last tip:

–         Eat 60-80% of your food raw, or very lightly steamed.

–         There are enzyme supplements available to help you digest your food when you have depleted your enzymes, and you are not following the food combining suggestions. 

I can almost guarantee, if you add some enzymes to your daily routine, and change a few things in your food combining,  you will feel less sleepy after eating, and more energy than you have felt in a long, long, time.

That’s how to get More Energy after eating.

Hope this helps,

Your Natural Health Coach,



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    Thank you for an explanation that finally makes sense. By knowing myself as well as I do, I have finally come to grips with the early part of the afternoon being a downturn in my day. However, when I do eat lunch, it seems to be worse. When I was little my mother always made us take naps after lunch so I thought I was continuing my learned behavior. Can’t blame Mom any more – my combinations have been all wrong. With this solid information, I will revisit my eating plan and am sure my productivity will increase in the afternoon.

    Hallelujah – more focused activity earlier in the day means more time for fun after supper.

    Thanks Annette.

    Susan Wagers

  2. says

    I have been a fan and follower of food combining for years. Never have I heard it put so succinctly.

    Thanks! I can refer back to you and not run to my bookshelves for reminders.

    What a meaningful topic that dispels several myths.



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    Annette I enjoyed this post and you make this sound so simple. And you’re right. I would also add it’s a good way to keep your brain fired up too!

    Health is so important!

    Catherine Trammell

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      is http://www.annette.consciousplanet.net and the solutions too.
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      Products for improved health that reaches the root cause of all health problems.
      It also includes high consciousness tools too, welcome aboard!

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