The Diary of a Legal Drug Dealer….


NO kidding, since my last blog post was on the cautions of certain meds,

I thought this was a good time to share a “book review” with you.

Here is a picture of the “legal drug dealer” Kay Carlson,

who we “just happened” to meet here in our small town last May.

(with my son and husband..being patient while I quizzed Kay and enjoyed speaking with her.)

Diary of A Legal Drug Dealer Photo with Author Kay DSCN1743

Well, needless to say, I spent an hour talking with her,

bought her book,

 and suggest you might take the time to check out

her website and book at: 



If you want  the inside scoop on this hot subject,

her book “Diary of a Legal Drug Dealer” is filled with FACTS and TRUTH.

In the front of her book she writes:

“This book is dedicated in memory of all the children who have died because

of the greed and fraud in the pharmaceutical industry.”

She also discusses subjects like cancer, depression, and “fraudulent marketing causes death”!

This is not a book for woosies.

I encourage you to visit her website and decide for yourself.

Share this with others,

and perhaps save the lives of many.

My appreciation goes out to Kay Karlson for taking the time,

and having the courage,

to speak her truth,

and record it for all to read.

Health is learned and earned.

What do you think of this book and it’s message?

Leave a comment below,

I’d love to know.

Your Natural Health Coach,


PS  Her books sold out in our local book store,

have a peek at:

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