The Bucket List…..Please…


Have you ever had one of those days,

 where you took time to do some “small celebrating”?

Hair appt., dessert and coffee,

or for the guys… 4-wheelin’ and a beer maybe/??

 Celebrating the small stuff is SO FUN!

 I had an A.H.A moment to-day,

To add to my Bucket List,

You know, it’s the…..

 If I gave you a MAGIC Wand,

 where money, time or any other “but’s’ are erased,

What would you REALLY like to do?

 Just for YOU? (not just one thing, think of 100 things, and write them down too.)

I’ll share my new ones from to-day..

1. Spend a month on a “Healing with Horses Ranch”,

2 Buy a SKOOKUM IRIDOLOGY camera to take pictures of YOUR EYES.


Have you started your Bucket LIst?

Have you seen the movie?

It’s a great reminder for us to “lighten up”,


Keep our Dreams ALIVE.

I’d love to hear a couple of items on “your bucket list”,

share them on my blog,

Maybe we share some similar dreams?????

Here’s to Your Health,

Your Dreams,


 Your LIfe filled with ADVENTURE.

Your Natural Health Coach,


 ps, yes, even health coaches like chocolate :)

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