The Art of Receiving-a gift for the Giver.

On the last blog post I wrote about- Giving and Receiving & what comes easily for you. I went into looking at how do we receive as a society, and what is receiving anyway.
( If you didn’t see the first post, you may want to go back and read it.)

To-day we are going to look at:
– how do we receive,
– and, is it a gift to the giver, when we are able to “take in and really receive” their gift within us.

Now this has come to me as an inner “AHA” moment,
and I can see as a society we have focused on giving, without realizing we left the benefits of actually receiving something and “taking it in….into our beings”.

To bring the gift, compliment, or offer to be helped, within us, it requires that we actually fee, the good feeling of receiving, in our bodies.

We have been taught to say “thank-you” immediately following a compliment, which is in a way, giving back to the person right away, before you could even take the time to feel what they just gave you.

Now this is a fairly new concept for me,
and it has been modeled by Ellie Drake, Jim Verghis, and a few others I have met and worked with lately.

How do you/we receive? Here is an example.

1.When someone offers to pay for your lunch, you can simply be still for a few moments, and feel the gift you have just been given, within you. Allow yourself to take it in. Breathing in at this moment can help you receive it into your body also.
That’s it, receiving is “taking it within”, and then you can offer your verbal “thank-you”.

This taking it in, nourishes ourselves by filling us up with gratitude and appreciation, and, it also fills up the giver,
because they can see and feel you being nourished by their gift.

Sometimes if you are a a giver, it can be somewhat difficult to
simply receive-to take in the feeling.

You see, if you are used to giving 10x more than you receive, and you are always needing to give more than you receive, then it’s possible that you haven’t really “taken in” the gift from “the giver”.

Let me say that another way.

Next time someone is giving something to you,
see if you actually “take it in”, or do you immediately think of
how you can do something to give back to them?

This can be an automatic habit, such as saying thank-you immediately, is a habit we have created, and we call it having manners.

If you give me a horse, (yes, I always dream of having another horse….ha-ha), I can immediately say thank-you to receive your gift.

Another way to receive your gift, is I will first take in the feeling of joy, feel it within me, because I love receiving a horse. Once I have received the feeling in my body, I can express this feeling by saying:
“whenever I am given a horse, I feel freedom and joy just pour out of me, because I just love horses of all kinds, thank-you.”

Now when I express how I am feeling about receiving the gift,
I am really receiving the gift, because I can feel the joy and freedom within my body in that moment.

Perhaps it is our rush, rush way of living that has reduced our ability to “receive”, or our beliefs that it is better to be a giver.

What do you think or feel about this topic, what does it bring up for you?
Do you think I’m crazy, or maybe this is old hat for you, and it’s a natural gift you already have?

What comes easier for you, giving or receiving?

I would enjoy hearing your experiences in this,
and for you to share your “AHA” moments below.

I appreciate you and the time you have spent reading this.

Enjoy the art of receiving and giving.

Your Natural and Spiritual Health Coach,



  1. says

    Hello Annette,
    I found your blog post through Google alerts. You are writing about a topic that is near and dear to my heart! I have been researching and giving workshops on the topic of receiving for the last two decades and finally wrote a book about it that was published last December.

    I believe that when our giving is balanced with receiving, we are healthier and happier. My book is “The Power of Receiving: A Revolutionary Approach to Giving Yourself the Life You Want and Deserve” (Tarcher/Penguin). As an advocate of receiving, I hope you will let people know about it!

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