Thanksgiving and Mother Nature

To-day I am inspired to share a quick “nutritional tip”.

Fall as arrived, the temperature has dropped,

and our bodies are adjusting to the cooler temperatures.

Eating seasonally is an easy way to “stay connected”,

both to our bodies and Mother Nature.

Are you being a squirrel and storing up food for the winter?

Look around and notice, what foods has Mother Nature given
to us this fall?

Squashes, pumpkins, apples, pears, elderberries and rosehips
are what surround me where I live.

Bring these into your home, dry them, cook them, and eat them
raw and whole too.

If you have time, make an elderberry rosehip tea, add a little
raw honey, and enjoy the health benefits that only Mother Nature
“really” knows how to provide.

I would like to thank all of you, for taking action and taking charge
of  your health.  YOU are an example for others, and I appreciate
your participation in becoming a healthier, happier, you.

I wish everyone an abundant, nourishing and genuine “THANKSGIVING”.

Your Natural Health Coach,

(and if you eat too much turkey, just remember to take our “enzymes”, they will help you to digest that  “extra abundance of food” consumed.)

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