Soil Health & Organic Gardening.

This short video gives a brief description on the relationship between the health of the soil,

 the health of the plants grown in mineral rich soil, and in turn…how this affects OUR Health too.

Organic gardening, cover crops, and “one clear sign of a healthy soil”…

listen in,

towards the end of the video,

where I share this “one tip on healthy soil”.    


If you’re looking for LOADS of information on healthy soil building,

visit ,

for some long researched and helpful growing tips.

Here’s to natural health,

from the ground…up!

Your Natural Health Coach,


PS  Share your favorite organic soil enhancing tips…I’d like to hear them.

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Thanks for sharing.


  1. says

    Great post! I loved hearing about the earthworms. I am doing a community garden with a group of elementary age children. I had to import some worms to enrich the soil. The children found this to be really odd. When I described why the worms were necessary, more than one child decided they did not need to eat the food we would be growing.:)
    I think I will show them your video and let them hear it from you!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Laraine says

    Just spent an all-day Saturday at an Illinois nature preserve where one event was Worm Composting (also learned cheese making, knife sharpening, and nature photography). Yes, let’s put our attention into maintaining and improving health – soil, kids, worms too — why not! Love your video – great touch that conveys your passion. Thanks, Annette, I’ll be checking in with you often here.

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