Reversing Juvenile Diabetes Naturally

There is a fundraising campaign occuring that is sponsored by Telus. It is a walk for Juvenile Diabetes, to raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.  My husband and sister work for Telus, and we participated in this event last year.

This year we have become aware of “Reversing Diabetes Naturally”.    My son is a Type I Diabetic, and has been for about 7 years.  I do believe we can “reverse” any health challenge naturally, and Type I is one of the ‘tougher cases”, particularly if you have been using the synthetic insulin. 

The Great news is that Gabrielle Cousens at the Tree of Life has proven and actually reversed diabetes naturally.  He took 6 Diabetics, and in 30 days, reversed the diabetes throught raw diet, exercise and other healing modalities. 

There was even a Type I diabetic who reversed his dis-ease.  We now know it is possible.

This year, our family has decided to enroll for the walk for Telus, and we will walk in our small town of Creston, and spread the word of “Reversng Diabetes Naturally”.  There is a new social network called Reversing Diabetes Naturally with pamphlets and all kinds of information on how  a raw diet can reverse diabetes.  Our family will also be embarking on an 80% raw food diet during this campaign.

  We have been moving towards a raw food diet since October, and it was inspired by  our son’s desire to try it, after he saw the “raw for 30 days dvd”.  This is the dvd of Gabrielle Cousens, reversing diabetes in 30 days.

This is the beginning of educating other’s that we do have a choice.  Slowly we can add more raw foods to our lifestyle, and while doing so, decrease the amount of synthetic insulin, or insulin drugs we are taking. 

 I do not recommend you go off your insulin without professional assistance. 

I do recommend you add more raw foods to your diet, check your blood sugar’s, and see and feel the differance this make in your health.

If you know of someone who is a Diabetic, please share my blog with them.

  It is time to Re-gain Vibrant Health, naturally.  

 My question for you…Have you heard of reversing diabetes naturally?

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