Resisting Healthy Change

Early this morning a thought floated across my mind.  It was a question actually.  Why did I resist the changes that were required to live my purpose and live my dreams?  This question lead me to a journey down memory lane, and a wonderful A.H.A. moment.  Many years ago,  I took an electronics course , and we were taught “resistance” such as in a telephone line.  Bare with me now, this comes with  a pretty good “aha” moment.  So, this morning, I asked my husband to explain a “resistor” again, how does that work, (I never enjoyed electronics, I just took the course to get a better job.).  He explained that on a phone line, the “shorter the length” of the line, the LESS resistance there is, and the longer the phone line is, the MORE resistance there will be on that line.
O.K., here comes the A.H.A. moment, relating electronics to health.  “I finally got it, why we resist healthy change. 
When I was a smoker, drinker, partier, and eating cheese, pasta, and pickles,  I had a LONG way to go to restore a healthy vibrant body.  That means, I would have a lot of RESISTANCE, because I needed to CHANGE A LOT of things.  Quit my habits, change my eating, I certainly didn’t feel like doing that!  
As it turns out, I did start, “very slowly” I might add, but now, my journey to my goals of vibrant health and  living my dreams, is much, much closer.  The distance is SHORTER, and guess what, now I have LESS RESISTANCE.  Fireworks, celebration, yippy!
This leads me to one final message, trust me, if I can make these changes, so can you.  Resistance is absolutely normal.  We’d be crazy to think we’d just accept changing everything at once, right?
There are some people who have to change everything at once, and those are the people diagnosed with serious dis-eases.  Instead, start now, slowly, and hopefully you can make the changes gradually and comfortably, more “naturally”, than the “hammer over the head method”. 
Enjoy life, enjoy resistance, just don’t let it control you, and have a Vibrant and Passionate day.

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