Protect yourself, and Your Children

If you have been a part of my blog for more than a few months,

You will know that I have not written much at all,

on the Hyped up subject…H1N1 Vaccine campaign.

I think everyone is a bit tired of the subject,

but I felt this was worth passing onto you,

it’s short,

and truthfully,


A short video from various physicians ,

I encourage you to take a few mintues to watch this,

From my experience,

It is really difficult to un-do ‘new dis-eases”,

that have possibly been created by all of the “artificial”,

immune bypassing vaccines these days.

We are being overloaded with toxins ,

that are being injected directly into our bloodsteram.

Please take a few minutes to hear this.

There will always be another new vaccine, being promoted,

 for another health problem,

so it won’t stop with this one.   Education is key.

My Purpose is Inspiring and Educating others to:

Master their own health,

through their own eyes,

and learn about what their body is telling them,

so they can feel more Energy, Well-Being and Passion in their lives.

That is my wish for all of you. 

Your Natural Health Coach,




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