Nutrition and Intention

I was coaching a client, and he took immediate action and began incorporating Hemp hearts into his daily routine.

Within two weeks time, he sent me an email that had me laughing, here it is:

“Today I had a thought, I would never have expected to come from me…around diet…I was making a fried egg sandwhich and I thought about the eggs being the offspring of the chickens and it made me give thought to what I was eating….is this some sort of symptom of taking hemp seed….thought you might find that amusing”

This type of thought may not “seem” very significant if you have never experienced something similar.  I laughed whole heartedly at this, because I HAVE experienced the positive “side effects” of natural Hemp seeds, or Hemp hearts. 

The important thing to be aware of, is the blend of Nutrition with Intention. 

If you have watched The Secret, or listened to anything relating to the truth that Every thing is Energy, then you will understand the importance of “intention”.  Intention is putting “conscious thought” into our actions, and into our activities during our day.  When we stop long enough to put “love” into anything, it “enhances” the “vibration”, and the “effectiveness” of the “action”.  For example, if you have ever gone to a restaraunt, where the food is simply “Divine”, well, chances are, the cook “loves” to “cook”.!  And this ‘vibration” is transferred into the food, and into, you guessed it, YOU!

My cleint, after only a few short weeks on Conscious Planet Hemp Hearts, not only noticed his physical body changing, but he actually noticed his “thoughts” were also re-aligning with a “higher vibration”  As within, it is without.  The Higher vibrational food you consume, the higher vibrational “living” you will create. 

When you combine whole superfood nutrition, with high vibrational love intention’s, you experience a whole new realm of Living.  It’s Alive, it’s Inspiring, and it’s Creative.  Transformation occurse from the Inside-Out! 

So the “vibrational level” of the foods you consume, have just as much impact on your health, as the “nutritional content’.

Health can be very simple, and “adding new whole superfoods”, infused with “High Vibrational intention’s”,  is an easy way to ‘just get started”.!!1

Creating Vibrant Health… and Passionate Action…One Step at Time:) 


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