November-Diabetes Awareness

It’s November, Diabetes Awareness month .

This is a health challenge I am quite familiar with,

as my son is a Type I Diabetic.

To-day, I would like explain the basics of this disease, and how
keeping a balanced blood sugar is important for all of us.

Type I Diabetics are insulin dependant and must take insulin via a syringe injection.  The beta cells in their pancreas are destroyed, and therefore they do not produce insulin, which is what lower’s our blood sugars.
  Type I Diabetes is an “autoimmune” disease, in which the immune system has turned upon itself, and destroyed these “beta cells”.

This is why Type I Diabetes, also known as Juvenile Diabetes is known as an “autoimmune disease”, and is not only a diet related problem, it is an autoimmune problem. 

Type II Diabetes is diet related, and can be reversed with nutrition and the type of food we consume much more easily than a Type I.
In this case, the insulin is not being used effectively by the body, and high blood sugars are the result.  A Type II diabetic still have active beta cells working in the pancreas, making it easier to regulate the blood sugars.

There is a large amount of hope for diabetics.

Dr. Gabriel Cousens in Arizona has conducted a 30 Day tiral with six American diabetics.
He had them switch to a diet consisting entirely of vegan, organic, live raw foods in order to reverse their diabetes naturally.
The results were nothing short of amazing. 
If you want to learn more on this, visit

Although this diet is a difficult transition, it is wise to be aware of this
possibility, and at the least, strive to include more whole raw foods into
our daily life. 

These food choices will slow down the roller coaster ride of the un-balanced blood sugars, and keep us healthier in the long run.

And remember, even if we are not a diabetic,
what we eat is still affecting our blood sugars and our health.

Next week, I will share a few nutritional health tips to help keep us
more balanced, so we can feel happy, energetic and really ALIVE!.

Have a Great Week-End,

Your Natural Health Coach,


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