New Energy-New Earth-New You!

As we are entering a very special time of year,

Christmas and the Holiday Season,

we are simultaneously entering a very special time of our LIVES.

I have not been communicating with you much in this past month,

since 11-11-11. It seems I have shifted immensely from my experiences,

and the energies of Light that have been brought to the earth at this time.

Each of you may be noticing synchronicities, or new opportunities coming to you with new decisions

being made that are differant or feeling like they are “stretching you”!

The other energy that you may be feeling is one of overwhelm, or even feeling dizzy and
“Light-headed”. This is quite common, as these “ligher energies” are merging within us,

and our physical bodies are requiring an “adjustment period” to integrate these New Energies of Light.

The old energies within us are being literally “moved out”. If you are feeling this uncomforatble

feeling, envision a moving truck coming in and literally emptying what is no longer required, into this truck,

and this will assist you in allowing your new Self to move forward into a life filled with Unlimitied Possibilites, and more Grace, Joy and Ease.

Managing our energy and realzing that we are shifting, whether we set an intention of being more aware is upto each one of us.

Your Divine Self is calling you to come out and play. Follow your heart in what brings you joy,

and it’s important to stay connected to the Earth energy and ground yourself too.

Being dizzy may be indicating you are not sufficiently connected to the earths energy.

I really felt this on 11-11-11, and I had to concsciously keep grounding myself as these new energies were coming in.

(I must mention here to always check with your Dr. for any health concerns, this is not medical advice).

Here are some simple grounding tips you can begin using during the holidays,

to help keep your energy level UP, and your stress level DOWN.

Grounding Gifts from Mother Earth:

– Walk outside, and consciously breathe in the fresh air, (yes this means not rushing and running,

but noticing the birds, the trees, the sound of the snow crunching under your feet, or the waves of the ocean crashing onto the beach).

This is powerful energy that will move the stress energy out of your body, to be transmuted by the earth energy.

5 minutes can Shift Everything into a higher vibration of love and peace…Try it…I guarantee you’ll love it.

– Sound and/or Dance – listen to a song that lifts your Spirit and MOVE THE ENERGY within you, or let the music flow through you

cleansing and clearing and replenishing all of you, body, mind and Spirit.

– Smell the Beauty – Essential oils are an easy and wonderful way to Ground yourSelf, thus the Christmas tradition of

burning tree oils or having cedar boughs in the house. The scent of these instantly shifts your inner being into more alignment,

peace and upliftment.

These are wonderful uplifting gifts as well, good for you, good for everyone around you, and good for Mother Earth!

How does it get any better than this?

I have recently discovered an amazing home-based business called Vibes Up, that has

amazing natural solutions to Raise Your Vibration, the are beautiful, affordable and simple.

I just received my package with Divine Soles, Earth energized water bottles, and Vibes Up Tree Shirts, they are amazing.

I want to share this with you if you are feeling like you want to give a gift that will help Shift the energy

and assisit your family and friends, now and into 2012.

There is 51% DISCOUNT when you use the coupon code word: LOVE51

Once you place your order, and checkout, the discount will be applied and you will see your savings and new total.

The discount is for regular priced products, (because Kaitlyn at Vibes UP has lots of other sales too).

Your purchases will also be flowing back to me, as I am an affiliate with Kaitlyn and Vibes Up,

and you can be too, if you love these products and their effectiveness as much as I do.

With all this new Light Energy filling our bodies, it will be really helpful for us to stay grounded and

connected to Mother Earth, and bring this Light onto Earth and share it through us,

with others.

I would also love to know “what is it that you want or need in 2012″ that will assist you to move

into your greatest Self, into your Passion and Purpose, with more Grace and Ease?

The mentors I have been collaborating with this year have assisted me to make a significant LEAP into who I am BEcoming,

and if I can help you in any way, please reply to this email, and give me your feedback.

I will try to create a short survey, and your feedback or ideas will help me to know how I can serve You better, in and Beyond 2012.

Have a wonderful inspiring week preparing for whatever traditions of Love you participate in,

and I will speak to you soon.

Your Natural and Spiritual Health Guide,


PS If you want to watch short inspirational videos and connect with other women who are taking

inspired action, join , it’s free…and it will also free you to Be more of Who You Really Are.

Sending you lots of Oxytocin Hugs, (oh by the way, Oxytocin Hugs are Grounding too…Bringing the Ligth to EArth….HHHHAAAAAA.!)

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