Low Blood Sugar-High Blood Sugar.

There is a great deal  of awareness around the health challenges of having high blood sugars.  In the medical community these dis-eases are called diabetes.  Type I and type II  Diabetes are  on the rise, and there is considerable effort being made to educate other’s on this subject.

To-day I would like to bring awareness to the health challenges of low blood sugar’s in the body.   In my experience, most people experience “low blood sugars”  for many years, experiencing all kind of feelings and moods that may be directly related to their blood sugars. 

The best thing to do is get to know your own body by how it is “feeling”.

When we look at the body as a whole, we recognize that most blood sugar challenges are related to the pancreas and adrenal glands, and basically the entire endocrine system.  As a natural health practitioner, I am always considering the whole body and how all of the body systems work together in harmony. 

Below is some examples of how you may be feeling, and how this can help you get to know your own body. 

Here is a list of experiences you may be feeling, and it may suggest some blood sugar imbalances.  

  Adding awareness of how you are feeling, can bring you closer to understanding what it is your body is trying to tell you.

These feeling’s can vary from mild to extreme.  By taking note, you will gain greater awareness. 

– dizziness when standing up fast.

– crave sweets

-headaches relieved by eating sweets or alcohol.

– feel tired, weak or irritable when ou haven’t eaten for 2-3 hours.

– impatient, moody, and nervous.

-feel tired 1 to 3 hours after eating

– poor memory

– feel calmer after eating.

These are feelings that can be felt because of the body feeling like the blood sugars are dropping.  When we haven’t eaten for a few hours, our body can feel it, and the hormones and glands begin a list of actions to try to balance the low blood sugar.  When we ignore these feelings we have, it adds more and more stress to the organs, including the  pancreas and adrenals. 

Depending on how many, and how severe these feelings and experiences are for you, can indicate how out of balance your blood sugars may be.  A  roller coaster ride of blood sugars creates many undesireable health challenges when experienced over a long period of time.

Feeling tired, irritable, and moody, is not normal.  When we feel like this often, we get used to it, and we think it is normal.  Pay attention to yourself, and how you are feeling, it is the best way to improve your health.

You can begin to balance your blood sugar’s naturally by following these 3 Health Action Tips:

 – eating small amounts every 2 hours-preferably protein

 – eat easily digested protein’s like hemp, spirulina, almonds or other plant proteins.

-decrease high carbohydrate foods like potatoes, pasta, pop, juice, and sugar foods like cookies. 

If you want to feel more energy and balanced, try this for 2 or 3 days.

Write down the days you’ve followed these suggestions and how you feel when you do. 

 I’d love to hear your comments and how you felt.

Please, post it below, and share your successes with other’s.

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