Life is your mind Expressed

Whoa, I just read an excerpt from “Happy Pocketful of Money”, stating this powerful statement. 

Life is your Mind Expressed.  In other words, Life is your thoughts, expressed.  Dr. Jensen’s statement that thought precedes everything, still stands to-day.  So if we transfer this to feeling fantastic, we need to start “thinking” about “feeling fantastic”!  The longer we chase our symptoms of feeling crappy, stiff, tired or whatever, the more of this we will get.  Again, Life, the Source, uses your thought as the instructions by which to Create Your REality in the material world. 

How do you WANT to FEEL?  Write this down, now.  Remember, it is possible to un-do physical ailments, and it starts with your thoughts. Do you want to feel energetic?  Until you “think” about how you “want to feel”, you can never create it.  So start thinking thoughts of feeling great, running, climbing rock walls, or horseback riding.  What do you LOVE to do that requires energy and flexibility.  You can have it, start focusing on it, and the universe will send you what you need to ACHIEVE that dream.    Catch your mind, when it’s thinking non-healthy thoughts, switch it over, to healthy thoughts. 

Go ahead, give it a try, and comment below, Have you noticed some thoughts you’d like to change???

Post it below, I’d love to hear from you.

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