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We have entered a new decade, 2010, and in some ways it is hard to believe.  Time continues to pass along, and our lives are moving along with it.  My intention in writing for you to-day, is to awaken an inner awareness and understanding, that we can feel better to-morrow, than we did in the days of yesterday. 

You see, our bodies are alive and in every moment, there are new cells being created, and old cells dying off. 

It is our job to feed the body the “nutrients” so it can build “healthy new cells”, and have the energy required to “remove” the old dead cells from the body. 

When we come to understand this process, we realize two things:

  1. If we ‘nourish” our bodies in accordance with nature, it can re-build healthy new cells.
  2. When we give our bodies the tools to “cleanse away” the old dead cells, we provide an inner environment that is balanced and healthy.

Replenishing high density nutrients (not just calories) gives our bodies the materials to re-build and remain healthy.

In our new lifestyles of to-day, our society has shifted many of our habits.  Fast foods, processed foods and a rushed lifestyle have taken a toll on our health. 

 It’s not our fault, we didn’t know that depleting our soils of vital nutrients like minerals and micro-organisms would affect our health as it has. 

Our bodies are very fine tuned machines.  All of the body systems are working together simultaneously, and when one of these systems becomes depleted of specific nutrients, it throws all of the other systems off balance as well.

This is why wholistic healing looks at the “whole body”, and how it interacts. 

In my experience as an Iridologist, and Herbalist, two of the most important body systems that require our attention in restoring our health, is the digestive and elimination systems. 

To-day I would like to demonstrate the importance of the digestive system, and how it can affect all of our health.

The digestive system is responsible for breaking down the food we eat into simple nutritional compounds that the cells of our body can use.  If we cannot “use” the minerals, proteins and fats we consume, we cannot create good health.

When the digestive system is not functioning properly the other systems of the body cannot get the nutritional factors they need to do their job.

  Therefore the digestive system is one of the FIRST systems to consider when you are looking to  restore better health to-morrow than you have now.

So let’s begin with ENZYMES, and how they can help you with perhaps less pain and more energy.

Enzymes are responsible for digesting, absorbing, transporting, metabolizing and eliminating the waste of nutrients we eat.

So their main function is to breakdown the foods we are eating so we can “absorb” the vitamins, minerals and proteins into a form that gives us energy

When we experience symptoms such as:

–         gas

–         bloating

–         discomfort after eating

–         feeling tired after eating,  this is an indication that we are lacking in these enzymes, and our food is not “breaking down into a useable form”.  

Enzymes are destroyed at temperatures over 119F, so most cooked foods do not have the enzymes left in tact to “digest” what we are eating.  This creates a deficiency in enzymes and therefore a deficiency in other nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. 

Another after affect of lack of enzymes can be seen in inflammation.  Quite often we experience inflammation of tissues due to food intolerances, because we do not have the enzymes to digest them properly, and we don’t receive the proper minerals in balance for our body to function optimally. 

A secondary benefit of plant enzymes is they can help with reducing inflammation.  When plant enzymes are taken on an empty stomach, such as before bed, they are used as a “clean up” crew.  They clean up the un-digested proteins and foods in your body, and this helps with reducing inflammation, and removing toxins as well.

  When you take the plant enzymes with food they help:

–         digest the food,

–         extract the nutrients

–         reduce the risk of inflammation due to food intolerances and improve upon the interaction of all these elements required for a healthy body.

Plant enzymes are only one example of enzymes available.  I mention them because they are the simplest and safest form to start with and can be taken with and without food.  An enzyme deficiency must be carefully considered as a possible pre-cursor to other health imbalances and challenges. 

These are one of the foundational aspects of rebuilding a healthy body. 

Liquid Minerals are also worthwhile to consider when you are looking to restore your health naturally.  To-days quality of commercially grown foods have been depleted of these vital minerals, and our bodies cannot thrive without these basics.

Whole raw organic foods provide the highest amount of natural minerals, enzymes, and nutrients, for your body to absorb and use to build healthy new cells. 

 Increasing these natural approaches to health, can have you feeling better, as your body has the time and nutrients, to “heal itself”.

 Quite often adding a few natural health supplements such as Plant enzymes and Liquid minerals can give your body the fuel it’s looking for, and can therefore reduce some of the pain and inflammation.

 Sometimes, nature has the answers to our health challenges, that we have forgotten existed.

If you are interested in purchasing or reading more about the Catalyze plant enzymes or Genesis Liquid Minerals, visit

http://consciousplanet.net/vibranthealth, or contact me @ info@annetteshealthaction.com or visit my website @ http://annetteshealthaction.com where more information can be found.

Disclamer:  The above is intended for informational purposes only, and is not intended to diagnose, prescribe or treat any medical condition.  This information is not intended to replace the guidance of your regular medical doctor or healthcare provider.

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