Is there such a thing as Crutches and Wheelchair wisdom?

Have you ever encountered a season in your life when unexpected struggles
seemed to continually criss-cross your path,
and because of the struggles, you found a new AHA moment or Blessing?

It has been almost a year that my body has been
giving me the “slow down” cue.

It began with my shoulder injury last May,
and every few months it would switch from one shoulder
to the next shoulder,
to the knee,
to a sprained ankle,
and recently,
after an amazing trip to Sedona with my family,
I sprained the OTHER ankle!
(on the last day of our holiday).

Well, I have heard of the archetype the “wounded healer”,
and I suppose this could apply to my year of

This last sprain did not heal as quickly,
and being I had to fly home,
a wheelchair was in order at the airport.

I must admit, the experience of being in a wheelchair was quite interesting.

The benefits of the wheelchair were:
– we were able to go past the line-ups,
and since I couldn’t walk through
the scanner without crutches,
I was given the “hand body search”,
which wasn’t quite as bad as I thought.

Well, a week has passed,
and with my Miracle Oil for inflammation,
and other natural products to strengthen
ligaments and joints,
I’m sure I will be on my feet again soon.

The message that came to me in regards to all of this,
is it is my time to SLOW DOWN,
and practice my skills of meditation,
energy healing,
and LISTENING to my Inner Guidance.

Sure enough,
I have received more clarity on my “next steps”,
and have chosen to “luxuriate” in the
“down time”, which is allowing me to study my passion,
and stay connected to my Spiritual Source,
and Mother Earth,
while allowing me to Trust in the Process.

Well, those are my AHA moments from crutches
and wheelchair wisdom.

Has there been anything slowing you down,
and allowing you time for deeper connection?

Please share below,
I would love to know.

Your Natural and Spiritual Health Coach,


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