Improve mood, sleep and memory…

I  have heard you want to AMP UP your Energy.

You want to get started, NOW.

AND, you want it to be easy.

Okay, so you are ready, so am I.

Let’s get started in Amping Up Your Energy.

Step 1- Protein

Would you like to have a razor sharp memory?

Did you know that in order to have a sharp memory, your brain requires protein that is broken down into amino acids?

Not only that, but protein is required to enhance your nervous system AND that includes your “mood” system.

If we run out of enzymes in our bodies, (which we do if we’re eating cooked and processed food), then we cannot “break down” the proteins like meat, into useable “amino acids”. 

You know what else assimilatad protein does?
It ensures we have a great sleep.  Without a balance of all of the amino acids, we do not produce the chemical elements such as melatonin, and seratonin.
These are the “happy hormones”, and deep sleeping ingredients.

Easy to absorb protein.   

It’s a bulding block we all need for Enhanced Vibrant Health.

My experience of one of the best whole food protein’s available, is Hemp.  It is one of the oldest “plants”, and it is re-emerging as one of the best Super – Whole Food health enhancer’s.

Tired of taking 20 bottles of supplements?  Whole foods and whole food supplements can save you time, money,

and give you a whole lot more ENERGY AND FUN.!

Creating Vibrant Health and Passionate Action

Your Natural Health Coach


 Feeling happy and energetic, everyday.

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