How can I build my blood (iron level)?

This is a question I was just asked at the  grocery store, by a local lady I know.  Living in a small town, I get these types of question’s quite often.  Some of the question’s aren’t  easy to answer. This one, came with immediate answer’s.

There are some herbs that are extremely helpful in building a strong and healthy bloodcount.  Sometimes there are other problems creating a low blood count, but this is what I would recommend as a starting place.

The first three herbs I would suggest are:

– liquid Chlorophyll, this is made from the alfalfa plant, known as the “king of herbs”.  It is loaded with minerals, and easy to absorb, and it is non-constipating.

-Dandelion leaves, it’s spring, and dandelions can build the blood count, as well as support the liver. 

– Yellow Dock is another herb that supports the liver, and helps to build the iron levels in the bloodstream.

The most beautiful thing about herbs, is they are whole food plants.  Therefore, there is always a synergistic action when many vitamins and minerals are present together.  Our bodies are also synergistic, therefore herbs will benefit more than one specific symptom or concern.  Also, when you take these herbs, there isn’t the constipation that sometimes occurs with other ‘iron supplements or products”. 

As I explained to this elderly lady, you probably have most of these herbs in your own back yard.  My mentor Dr. Bernard Jensen use to say…”look around you, what you need is probably right in front of you”.  If you live in the city, it may not be quite as easy, but health through nature, certainly is an easier path to living a life of vibrant health.

Always use caution if you are on “medication’s”, and see your pharmacist for contrindication’s.

This is for informational purposes only, and does not replace your M.D. recomendation’s.

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