Holiday Hangover Helper & Hurting Heart Helpers too!

Just in case you need a few herbal hangover helpers …either for yourself or someone else,

there are some AWESOME Natural Ways to feel better, and actually heal your body with high density nutrients.

Secondly, I’ll I’d like to remind you, that people drink for a reason….to FEEL BETTER and Happier…right?

To-day I’ll share a few simple herbal health tips…and….some Spiritual Heart Health Tips too.  EN-JOY…IT’S ALL ABOUT EXPERIENCES.

(Oh..and these will be…cheap options.  Of course we can get fancier supplements…to-day’s tips are SIMPLE). to the bottom of the page, where I have an Awesome Video Song to Soothe and Open Your Heart into FEELING Better

and more Lightness…Synchronicity Strikes again! we go….

Herbal Hang-Over Helpers:

It’s all about Nutritional Deficiencyreplace the nutrients you depleted..and feel better.

1.  Headache – de-hydration is the main culprit to hangover headaches…AND…Minerals are the deficiency…so adding

liquid minerals to your water will greatly assist in re-hydrating you…yes this includes Natural Sodium, such as:

– Himalyan or Real Sea Salt (not processed white salt).  Sea Salt has many Minerals…not just one.  Our body receives natures

nutrients with synergy, so this is one option.

– Dandelion tea also is high in Natural Sodium and has other minerals too…this also helps the liver repair, 1 tsp /cup of hot water.

2. Nausea -

Liquid Chlorophyll – mint flavored Chlorophyll is the closest thing to a natural blood transfusion, it is made from Alfalfa..

known as the King of Herbs.  This will help re-oxygenate your blood, and yes if you are a farmer, share your horses feed…

and you’ll both feel better.  HA-HA…TRUE STORY!

– Ginger – This is the Magic for Nausea! Either Ginger tea or candied Ginger from health food stores…just a little tiny bite

can hold off the most yucky nauseas feeling. I actually saw in a regular gas station a product called Natural Gravol…and you guessed it..

it was GINGER!  Awesome’s making it into mainstream stores…gotta love that!

3.  Beyond Symptoms - Getting to the Root of the matter (and later – to the Heart of the  Matter -Wee hee)

- once you are over the hump of the hangover, the real question is “how to stop the cravings” and what

can help with feeling happy – Naturally!

My fave 3:

Bee Pollen - a whole food that has lots of B-Vitamins, is easily absorbed and replenishes the Deficiency of B-Vitamins.

(note – watch of you have bee sting allergies, this may not be advised).

-Liquid B-Vitamins-   If you are really depleted – a bottle of Prairie Naturals Liquid B-Vitamins with ” Methylocabalmin

will knock you up a few notches in feeling happy, and have you thinking clearly and remembering more…your brain will love you too on this product.

(the Best B12 is Methycobalmin-this is my Personal Herbal Secret for You…Pay attention if you want the BEST RESULTS for your BUCK)!


This herbal product in a capsule will REDUCE CRAVINGS, help you quit smoking and drinking because it

REPLACES THE NEUROTRANSMITTERS in your Brain that are DEFICIENT.  You see it’s simply a Nutrient Deficiency,

and beer and wheat especially helps us “think” we feel calmer…in the short term.  If you want to feel calmer and happier

NATURALLY, and think clearly too, this is my favorite product..and it’s safe for kids.  It’s also used for Hyper Kids, Add/Adhd in a Miraculous way of replenishing their deficiencies.  (Note: – not to be used if you are on anti-depressants or sleeping pills).

Ready for more Peace and Calm in your life?  You can find out all you need to know about this here: me…I am here for YOU!


The thing to remembere here is this:  “Everyone is doing the Best they can with what they got”,

and that includes parents, grandparents and kids.

It is the hurting heart looking for relief, and if we can remember THAT, and Rise to lookinig in another direction

to Help, Anything is Possible.

Now we are running on a new energy on earth right now, even though you may not notice anything differant…YET,

you will begin to see this as we move forward.  IN the meantime, KNOW You make a differance, or you wouldn’t

be reading this.  Together we are Helping One Heart at a Time, and I ask does it get any better than that?

So the one Spiritual Heart Tip I invite you to consider is this:

What if…..the act of Judging others as “wrong or bad or stupid” (for drinking, smoking, screaming, angry, frustated behaviour),

is actually FAR WORSE for their “HEART health” than the actual act of alcohol or cigarettes? (stay with me here..just for a minute).

What if…we asked the question - What else is possible here? and, What’s right about this I’m not seeing?

The BEST PART of YOU don’t have to ANSWER the Question!  No really, you don’t have to answer the question!

Simply increase your Awareness and Acceptance, and watch for the Universe to deliver you a nicely packaged AHA!

A Heart Awareness- where all your real Knowing IS!

I wonder what that would be like?

Are YOU Willing to Play with this?  Listen and Watch this Video…

“IT JUST TAKES ONE HEART AT A TIME”…It’ll Open your Heart Wide, because YOU KNOW –

In your Heart’s Knowing – that Together WE ARE ..Erasing the Tears and Pain, and We Are the Heroes on Earth!

EnJoy the Song – I promise you’ll FEEL Up-lifted and InSpired!

Wishing You – A HAPPY HEARTED DAY – and many New Year AHA’S.

Your Conscious CowGirl – Helping One Heart at a Time.



I Celebrate You!

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