High Vibration’s – Love and Gratitude

“Love and Gratitude are of the highest of vibrations.” – Dr. Masuru Emoto


Science has now proven that we are made of energy.  Every thought we think, every action we take, and every word we speak creates a vibration of energy that goes out into the Universe.  The Universe matches that vibration and sends us back more of what we put out.  In other words, if you think negative thoughts, you’ll get negative results and if you think positive thoughts, you’ll get more positive results.  So, be grateful and celebrate life today!

Matt and Brad

~The GratiDudes~ www.theGratiDudes.com

These young “gratidudes” guys are a wonderful example of what’s available to-day in creating a happier place to be.


There is lots of evidence proving our thoughts  affects our health, and how emotions like anger creates a lower vibration that will lower our immunity.  We all experience negative emotion’s, and we are so hard-wired for the fight or flight response, that it’s not about beating ourselves up and being hard on ourselves.  The more we are aware of our emotions and thoughts, the more we can make tiny increments of changes and shifts, and move beyond our “habits”. 

Forgiveness in ourselves is an important first step, and remembering to learn from our emotions, and look for ways to improve upon them.  A simple way to shift our energy is to take 3 deep breaths, this is like pushing a “re-set” button, and it can help dissipate the pent up energy in our minds and our bodies.  Ignoring our trigger points or suppressing them can keep them pent up inside.  Let them out, through breath, or maybe a vigorous walk, playing with pets, or just remembering, this is a temporary “feeling”. 

Once you have allowed the time and space to release the pent up energy, take a moment to remember something positive, like Love, Gratitude, Forgiveness and Joy.  Then continue to move FORWARD experiencing a Higher Vibration from within…and without.


I would appreciate any comments, post them below.             In Gratitude           Annette

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