Does Quitting smoking cold turkey really work?

Hello Brave one who may still be looking to
stop smoking, naturally, and for good.

Did you know that quitting cold turkey may NOT be the best way
to successfully drop the habit?

Dr. Terry Neher worked for years on understanding the
brain, addictions and the emotions center of the brain.

If you have quit smoking many times,
but “lit up” again due to stress or other emotional factors,
you are not alone.

Listen to what Dr. Neher discovered about the brain and how
nicotine affects it.
 1. The first thing nicotine does to the brain is to facilitate
the release of norepinephrine, and the person feels a LIFT IN ENERGY.

2. The second thing nicotine does is fill and activate certain
acetylcholine receptor sites which are necessary for
3.  The third thing that happens is that acetaldehyde in the smoke
combines with dopamine and produces salsolinol,
which fills and activates enkephalin sites, and the person feels an
increased sense of WELL BEING.

What does this mean to you?
When you attempt to stop smoking,
you experience:
1. A loss of the energy
2. an inability to concentrate and think abstractly,
3.  anxiety and a sense of incompleteness is felt due to limited
availability of GABA and enkephalin.

To put it simply, smoking energizes you, helps you concentrate
and keeps you calm. 

No wonder you haven’t quit yet.

It is a DEFICIENCY OF brain chemicals that you are possibly
lacking.  When these deficiencies get replenished,
the need to smoke diminishes.

That’s why some people smoked for a short time of their life
and then quit quite easily, while others like us tired again,

and again, and again without success.

When you don’t have the “deficiency of neuro-chemicals”,

it’s easier to quit!  

It has very little to do with WILLPOWER,

and a WHOLE LOT to do with CHEMISTRY.

If you are still looking to quit.

There is a simpler way than COLD TURKEY.

Neurogenesis has products and a STOP SMOKING plan to help you.

I am here to guide you, support you and help you to succeed.

Dr. Terry Neher’s Stop Smoky Study shows how  97  smokers
QUIT SUCCESSFULL FOR OVER A YEAR following this Stop Smoking
It’s gradual,
your neuro-chemistry is re-balanced,
and quitting is easier than you every thought possible.

If you would like a 15 minute coaching session with me, simply go to:

and I will call you to see what YOU NEED TO SUCCEED this year.
It’s a NEW YEAR, now is the time.

Please comment below, what is your greatest challenge to quitting?

Maybe I can help.

I look forward to connecting with you,

Your Natural and Spiritual Health Coach,


 PS  Remember, Education + Action = Transformation,

You can do it, I know you can, if I can do it – so can you,

especially with the information and help available.

Post below, what do you need to know, or what do you have to share?


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