Healthy Thoughts

My mentor, Dr. Bernard Jensen used to say,  “you can’t move a finger, bake a cake, or go dancing” without first having the “thought” to do the “action”.  This was  great advice, from an 89 year old man who had reversed cancer and paralysis.  He learned from the realm of Spirit, on his near death bed, that energy is everything, and our thoughts carry this energy.

To be healthy, requires thinking of how it will “feel” when we are healthy.  How will this health benefit our lives?

Creating “healthy thoughts” is the first step to attaining Vibrant Health, and what follows this…is Passionate Action.

I encourage you to have thoughts of Health as often as possible, and then notice what new action’s you take.

Having Vibrant Health…begins with your thoughts, and positive action will follow.

Healthy Thoughts to all, and have a fabulous week-end.

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