Happy New Year – New Earth & A New YOU!

Oh the pressure of writing, although I am delighting,

2012 has arrived, oh my- how contrived!

Are we in for a ride, of the time of our lives?

Perhaps t’is the time, to your own Self BE true,

by Shining Within, you will never be blue.

A question to ponder, within and out yonder,

Who are you Becoming, and is your Soul doing the summoning?

It’s time to let go, and get on with the show!

Controlling and fighting, are no longer working.

Allowing and collaborating, are Becoming much stronger.

Embracing your life, with Heart and Soul,

saying good-bye monkey mind,

Is the new goal.

The earth has shifted, and you have been lifted.

You are different now, and Wow, oh so Gifted,

a Diamond of Sparkles, all Shiny and New!

Shine your Light, SOOO Bright,

for Now is the time, to Shine like a Diamond Mine!

We need you – now, no worry of how,

shift and Lift your Vibration, you Know how.

Away with the blame, and also the shame,

we are now playing a whole new game.

Let go and Just flow, as changes do come,

As above, so below, let’s go have some fun.

Ask for Guidance you will, then Listen and be Still,

Remember to Open, and you will Receive, were not jokin’!

Like a new baby boy,

just BE in pure Joy.

It is your birthright,

happiness, friends and good health,

It Is the New Way, of the 2012 Wealth.

Miracles are everywhere, and that includes YOU.

Do you See them and Celebrate, Oh Yay, what a day!

Synchronicity is here, be open and share,

As together we grow, into more Light and Inner Glow.

And when you feel stuck and down in the muck,

move your body with tai chi,

yoga, dance and ballet.

Out with old, move into the gold,

The old energy will transform into the shining new you.

Trust the Transformation, and the new information,

Stay grounded to earth, while living give birth,

to the you who you chose, like a blossoming rose.

It’s all energy you know, and with synergy you flow.

Emotions are power, during our golden hour,

feel it and allow it, tears, fears, laughter and joy,

the potential within, is a beautiful win-win.

We can do it better, as we thrive together.

Look within with a hum, Who Am I to Become?

The Vibration of Love, like a white feathered dove.

We all got it, we all want it, what are we going to do with it, this love?

Are YOU up for the challenge, with your braveheart and courage.

Let the New Year Begin, as we all grow WithIn,

and let’s make this, The Best Year Ever!



Enjoy Your New Year,


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