Getting to “know your body”!

There are so many modalities of healing, it may be difficult to choose where to start.  In my journey, I came across the Science and Practice of Iridology.  The first book I read was called “Beyond Basic health”, by Dr. Bernard Jensen.  I was a true beginner, and this book “opened my eyes wide” to the world of the natural healing arts.  It fascinated me, and I very soon sought out an Iridologist.  As there are no coincidences, I found an Iridologist who had trained with Dr. Bernard Jensen.  So my journey took root. 

That was 16 years ago, and I still see Iridology as a useful Tool for Transformation in finding out “where to start”.  Once you know a little more about “your own body” throught the Art and Science of Iridology, you can embark on many vibrational avenues of healing to suit your needs.  Nutrition is certainly the twin to Iridology, and the foundation for creating Vibrant Health.  There are many other vibrational and energetic healing modalities such as flower essences, color therapy, increasing consciousness, and the list goes on.  Once you are aware of your body’s needs, both physically, emotionally and spiritually, you can seek the best healing modality for you. 

 Life is a journey, and feeling our best so that we can be of service to other’s, is a wonderful way to live.  


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