Feminine Hormone Oxytocin – The Shift & You.

Well congratulations, you are well on your way into and beyond the 2012 Shift in Consciousness.

Although I do not know how your experiences have been this far, my experiences have certainly been on a wide scale of trial and tribulation, to awareness, awakening and AHA’s.

For example, both my mom and dad passed away this year,

within 7 weeks of each other. These experiences opened a new doorway I had never entered before, another growing experience unfolded.

As the Light shines brighter on earth at this time of the Great Shift,

and within us, so does that which has been hidden underneath,

begin coming up to the surface.

Therefore it seems the experiences are fluctuating from fear & confusion,

to faith & love,
from stress to peace,
from doubt to trust, and so on.

Tools and ways to move through the old and into the new energies are helpful, and new discoveries are being made to assist us on this journey within.
One of these perhaps newer discoveries or greater awarenesses is the Feminine hormone Oxytocin.
(In this discussion, I will be relating this hormone to women specifically, simply because it will be easier for me to communicate in this short space of time.)

You may have heard of oxytocin before, it is the feminine hormone released by women naturally during childbirth, breastfeeding and even dancing can release oxytocin.
Oxytocin is the hormone of choice for women to be experiencing more often, because when this hormone is active within our body, it elicits experiences and feelings such as:
-feeling calm and connected,
-a tend and befriend feeling,
-collaboration rather than competition,
-relaxed and connected, (not stressed and in fight, flight, or freeze.)

Many women to-day, operate from adrenaline, the stress hormone that is activated when we feel like we must run away from that saber toothed tiger in the jungle.
This is a response from the hypothalamus center of the brain, which quite frankly, is on autopilot most of the time.

Women do not thrive in an adrenaline state of being, they thrive in an oxytocin state of being.
Remember, when we are in a space of oxytocin within our bodies, we flow with more grace and ease in our life..
We easily connect in and feel more calm, therefore allowing us to be more aware of our inner guidance system, our intuition, and our actions bring more positive outcomes. It simply require awareness, and practice.

So how do we re-learn how to live in a space of oxytocin rather than adrenaline?
There are various tools available to practice living in a more oxytocin lifestyle.
Activities that bring you joy such as dancing, laughing, allowing time in nature, and even aromatherapy can release oxytocin in the body.

Another tool that is available is called Oxytocin circles, which was developed by Ellie Drake of BraveheartWomen, and is being shared locally now by many Braveheart Women leaders called Resonator’s. Myself and many others who have been called to this vision are becoming more involved with this movement of increasing oxytocin through these oxy-circles and connecting with other women in our local areas.

Feeling oxytocin in our bodies is an experience, and this experience can be difficult to describe in logical, linear terms.
It’s like trying to describe the bonding feeling when breastfeeding a baby, it’s a deep profound feeling, in which words cannot accurately describe.

Imagine feeling connected, trusting, calm, enthusiastic, and hopeful because you have a tool that can be practiced and felt on an inner level that moves you beyond what you thought was possible, both personally, and globally.

A few tangible and practical benefits could be a more graceful menopause. When your adrenals are not overworked and stressed, you don’t feel so tired and burnt out.

It is quite possible your hot flashes will be reduced, simply by being in a more feminine natural state of oxytocin, rather than adrenaline.

What if, rather than feeling you are competing for business, you begin collaborating, in the Together We Thrive energy?

So my friends, the time is now, the shift is happening, and we do have support
available to us, to grow into more joyful, calm and connected human Beings.

Phew, thank goodness – Eh? (that’s the Canadian coming out of me..:).

If you feel called to know more about these Oxy-Circles, you can look for Braveheart Women Chapters or Oxy-Circles as they are coming to a community near you.

If you want to look at our local fb page as an example,
here is the link:

On this fb page called Braveheartwomen-Kootenay Resonate,

you will find other resources which relate to oxytocin,

such as a video on Oxytocin by Paul Zak, it’s verrry interesting.

As I close …I will once again quote the Hopi message as a reminder for

all of us: 
“Now is the time, and We Are the Ones we have been waiting for.”
We invite you to Join us on the Journey to more Joy, it just might be Fun!.
Until next time, Shine Bright!

Your Natural and Spiritual Health Guide,


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