Eating seasonally

It is the time of year that brings excitement in the Northern countries like Canada.  Seeds are planted, and fresh raw yummy food is on it’s way.  Eating locally and what’s in season is an easy way to “amp up” your health.  The best part is in the “taste”.  In my local neck of the woods, strawberries are starting to ripen, tomatoes in the greenhouses are ready, delicious fresh garden peas are next, then blueberries follow that.   I can’t wait for the fresh taste of “picking off the vine”, there’s nothing like it.  Peas only last a couple days before they taste starchy.  Also, remember there are wild berries around, and they are packed with nutrients too.  Just make sure you be careful around road sides, because quite often there are chemical sprays applied.  Eating seasonally gives you the variety of nutrients, and taste combined. 

Enjoy the abundance mother nature is offering, there is nothing quite like it.

Creating Vibrant Health and Passionate Action….Naturally


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