Diabetes and Hypoglycemia – How are your blood sugars?

We are into the final week of November, and  November Diabetes Awareness Month.
I just wrote an article, encouraging all of us to think holistically, and to consider November as:
“Balancing our Blood Sugars Month.”
There are as many health challenges created by unbalanced low blood sugar as there are high, and many of us don’t even know about this .
If you experience health challenges such as:

- moodiness, tired in the afternoon, irritability,

– cravings for sugar or pasta, coffee and donuts,

you may be experiencing low blood sugars.

To read more on this, and find out some helpful Natural Health solutions…go to:


and read my article:

Diabetes or Hypoglycemia – How are your blood sugars doing? 
Our blood sugars affect many things, including:

– mood


– circulation, and much much more.

The more we are aware, the better choices we can make.

Have a fabulous week-end, and remember,

Awareness + Choice + Action = Results.

Your Natural Health and Spiritualpreneur Coach,



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