Consciousness – & What’s Up with Weird and Woo-Woo?

CONSCIOUSNESS – Weird & Woo-Woo?

“This book isn’t for everyone – it’s for the few – the people that realize this reality in its current form is not working to bring about the greater “us” – that is truly possible.  I wrote this for the ‘dreamers” – those that “know” that something different – and greater-should be possible and that we should be able to have it.!”  Excerpt from Dain Heer’s book:  Being You – Changing the World


I chose to quote Dain above because the essence of the words are the essence of this article too.  This article isn’t for everyone – it’s for those who may have felt “weird or different”, and maybe even crazy their whole life, and on top of that, they also made themselves wrong along the way.

What if….now is the time for You to Be You – Your Greatest Self?  Grab you courageous heart because this journey is not for the faint of heart, let’s begin.

You know what the funny thing is?


Have you ever heard what the old English meaning of the word weird was?  “of Spirit, fate destiny

Isn’t that weird?  Does that sound like you?


For months now I have been uttering a cliché to my friends and clients, and it goes like this:

“What if – It was cool to be weird,

and weird to be cool?”

And you know what?  They would always LAUGH!  They would laugh a laugh that emanated … ya…that’s true for me, that makes me feel light inside!  Finally the so-called weirdos werent’ weird – they were of “fate, Spirit and Destiny”, and they weren’t wrong or bad either!  How fun is that?

Then upon awakening this morning, I received an acronym for WEIRD, ya-ya-how weird is that?  It’s so fun too…so here it is:


W – Wonderful

E – Exuberant

I  – Inner

R –Reflections of the

D –Divine!

Wonderful Exuberant Inner Reflections of the Divine!  What if you were that weird, and how does it get any better than that?

Now ask yourself this – does this make you feel lighter inside, or heavier?  If it feels light,  then it’s true for you, if its heavy it’s a lie.

Always follow your own inner knowing, and feeling if it’s light or heavy is a way of knowing what ‘s true for you.  Cool hey?

Okay, so if it’s light – keep reading, there is more fun to come.

Next on the list is Woo-Woo., and no, I don’t have an acronym for this one…:).

I often hear people using the term “woo-woo” to describe something that “is not of the norm”!  They’ll say “that’s so woo-woo”, and whenever I hear this, it cracks me up, (aka ..makes me giggle and laugh), and why you may ask?

Well, from my perspective of the Natural and Spiritual Health perspective – we are in the midst of a Shift, you may call it a Shift in Consciousness, a Spiritual Shift in Awakening, and what this shift is about – is shifting from the logical practical normal view of life, into the “heart and Soul” of life – the Inner – Unseen – Sublteness of Spirit and Soul!                         

So you see, what if – what you don’t see with your physical eyes and senses, is actually more real?  This shift in awareness really is your inner heart’s knowing, it’s resonance, vibration, frequency, and it comes with subtle synchronicities that may be unexplainable in a logical head understanding kind of way.

Yet still these synchronicities or weird occurrences are noticed as a Divine moment of connection and synchronicity that is felt on an inner level of your Beingness.  I call this “following the Divine Crumbs”.  Spirit speaks in synchronicity, and it requires a greater awareness and openness to receive these subtle messages of the heart & soul through intuitive knowing.

We are all here now, together remembering this inner knowing, and waking up to this way of Being, isn’t that the coolest thing ever!

Onto the next word – CONSCIOUSNESS – dictionary description:

–         special awareness or sensitivity

–         the state of remaining awake.

One more description to become aware of is from Dain Heer and Access Consciousness.. it goes like this..

“Consciousness is where everything exists – and nothing is judged”.

I wonder, what our world, our planet, our town would be like if we lived in that awareness?

LOVE instead of JUDGE!  Allowing others their experiences – without adding judgement onto them.  Not such an easy invitation is it?

So here are some “what if’s” –

–         what if you loved your body, pain, fat and all, and you didn’t judge yourself as wrong for feeling that?

–         what if…you loved your wrinkles, bad hair day, and your so-called “bad habits”.

–         what if…you emanted love to the person smoking, rather than adding judgement to their lives?  It’s kind of comical, it’s like we are all walking around together with these black robes and gavel’s in our hand judging everything around us, including ourselves!  What if..we could Gift ourselves and others, by Lifting Off – or Lifting Up – the judgement, projections of wrongness, the expectations and rejections, I wonder what that would be like?

I invite you to notice  this now…and let’s put down the gavel and take off the robe, all of these are limitations to our greatest and higher selves.  We don’t require this anymore, they don’t serve where we are going anymore.

Accessing Higher Awareness & Consciousness, Spiritual Knowing, IS available to each and everyone one of us now, and it’s easier than ever to receive this goodness and knowing.  Is Now the Time – To Be Your Spiritual Soul Self – on Earth in a body?

The more we choose to embody this knowing, the more WEIRD becomes the Norm, and how FUN is that?

We all have limitations, old stories, walls around our hearts that are stopping us from moving forward into our Higher Selves, into BEing ourSelves, and there are new tools and ways to erase and delete what’s no longer working for you.

I don’t want to leave you here without giving you an inspired action step and tool that is available to you locally, and globally.  One of the most effective tools I have learned and am using is a process called Access Bars.  It is a hands on process, touching 32 points on your head, that erases neurological patterns, limitations and actually opens you to receive more of who you truly are – the Light and Loving Being you are.’s a bit weird…and we’re good with that…(smiley face).

This is a modality you can receive, it takes about an hour and leaves you as relaxed as a great massage, and it may even change your whole life.  In addition, I am also available to teach you how to do this modality, so you can gift it to others, family, spouses, teens…and you can also be a Bars practitioner and charge for this gift as a service.  What would it take for your to choose what’s light for you now, without judgements?

In addition, if you are interested in this whole topic of Consciousness and the Spiritual Shift, I am available to speak at your event or meeting, if this feels light for you.

Also know this, I am learning and growing right alongside you, this was written through me and for me too, We Are All One.

So here’s to all of You who are enJoying Being WEIRD – & my acronym for that:

The  Wonderful Exuberant Inner Reflections of the Divine.

Shine your Light my friends, You Are the Only One Who Can.





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