Christmas and Solstice Celebrations

Yesterday, we moved from the darkest day of the year, and into more Light.

Yesterday was the Celebration of the Winter Solstice, and, in 3 more days,

there is also the Celebration of Christmas.

Joining with others in the Spirit of Peace and Joy,

connects us with this Inner Light.

As we blend our earth experiences,

shopping, wrapping, dancing, and preparing for our differant celebrations,

Let us remember to connect and enjoy these moments.

As we move forward in our purpose and passions,

we will live life with enthusiasm and gratitude.

I wish you all a week of Peace, Happiness, and Joy,

I wish for you rest, re-juvenation, and relaxation,

I wish you enjoy the Celebration foods of chocolate, gramma’s pies,

or traditional shortbread,



I also wish you balance, in these Celebrations,

with wholesome foods, clean water, fresh air,

and the Bountiful gifts Mother Nature has to offer,

which will give you the Health and Wellness,

To Live Your Greatest Life Ever.

En-Joy the Spirit of the Season,

Your Natural Health Coach,


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