Are you feeling drained for no reason-find out why?

Well, here we are…living through the great year of 2012!

Many, many people are searching for more energy, more hope,

and an understanding of what is going on in their bodies, minds and souls as they are feeling this shift from within.

If you are feeling super tired or drained, and you don’t really know why,

I encourage you to listen very closely to your body.

We can increase our energy reserves and work toward feeling energetic, enthusiastic,

postive, hopeful and all of the good things,

and, we must also learn to rest, relax, re-juvenate and restore our energy reserves.

2012 is a year of monumental importance. The earth IS shifting her vibration,

and we are also shifting our physical bodies into a higher vibrationg of Light.

This is what requires extra energy….and this is why you may be “feeling more tired”.

Please do not judge yourSelf as wrong, lazy, or tired for no reason.
You can get a physical check up from the Dr., and if the results are “all good”,

then it is wise for you to understand,

you are going through a physical and Spiritual shift in Consciousness,

which includes your physical body.

This year time is speeding up, which means you will need to SLOW DOWN.

It will greatly benefit you to take on less projects and commitment, not more.

If you are not healthy and strong, you will not be here to serve others and give to others.

You must first give to yourSelf. Not in a selfish way, in a loving way.

If your body is tired, sleep in the afternoon.

Two days ago I participated in some high frequency meditations,

and the following days I felt exhausted. I simply listened to my body,

and rested, slept in the afternoon, and allowed mySelf some down time.

I am fortunate because I have been guided and trained to listen to my body,

and I have learned not to “over schedule” my time.

This is the New Energy of 2012,

it is real,

and it is your responsibiity to listen to your body,

your intuition,

and follow your inner knowing.

When ytou stop being a victim,

and love yourSelf enough to stop and smell the roses,

your body will re-calibrate, and you will be Re-Energized.

Know you can do this,

the time is Now,

Be with yourSelf in Joy and Peace,

and allow your body to heal itSelf.

I hope this inspires you…to Be You, to rest when you need rest,

and to give to others, when you have the extra energy WithIn You, to give.

Remember, we cannot give, what we do not have Inside.

It’s the week-end, did you schedule your rest time?

Book yourself in now, a massage, a sleep, a bath…

what is it YOU need now, to Restore Your Energy, from Within.

Go now, and enjoy a more peaceful, calm energy that will re-ignite your Heart and Soul,

which is where joy, love and energy reside.

Until next time,

Keep your Eye on the Light,

and watch Love Grow.

Your Natural and Spiritual Health Guide,


PS Remember, you are Powerful and you can change your life,

with more Grace and Ease. Listen to your body, it is the best friend to help

you know what is right for you. TAke action from love, not fear,

and these actions will bring a thriving energy for you to enjoy


  1. Nancy Fait says

    Hi Annette:
    I have read your column on Doves, angels, and peace in the i love Creston March issue and just wanted to express how true and touching your words have made. I am a cancer surviver “breast cancer,” and it’s going on three years. I found that what got me through this was love, support from family, friends, co-workers and neighbors. A deeper understanding of who I really am came through, so I learned to embrace this so called “cancer” and learn from it. I found that there was a great need for me to slow down and re-balance myself. Spiritually, physically and mentally. I went to yoga classes, had energy rebalancing and started to focus more on ingredients in the food labels. I try not to stress and live in the moment as much as possible. I realize also that everything in life happens for a reason. I give gratitude for today and all its beauty that I am in present with one and all. Thank you for writing your story.

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