AHA-Solar Eclipse- Your Soul & A Song

Dearest Soul Friends…the title of this message will hopefully instill a sense of

wonder within you.

To-day while having an afternoon “soul nap”,

I awoke from a dream hearing this song….

and only a few words of it could I remember,

it felt important, and thus…I simply…

looked it up on the internet.

You will probably remember this song,

and perhaps listening to it,

with new ears in this new Earth Energy,

it will Awaken to a greater level,

a greater experience…of…Love.

Here is the song and video..called…The Rose.


En-Joy, & Remember, You are the “Sun on the Seed.”,

(and on other days, you are the “seed being nourished by the Sun”).

Your Natural and Spiritual Health Guide,


PS Yes, if you are feeling tired, listen to your body and “nap”,

it is part of our “soul journey on earth”,

and the re-booting of ourSelves, and Cells.

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