If it’s not broken – Don’t Fix it….

You know the old saying, “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it”.. This saying or belief does not work to well when it comes to our health.

To-day, I would like to share with you the differances between the experience of having of ONE symptom….and  3 differant people’s experiences related to that ONE symptom.

In to-day’s society, we are trained to recognize our “symptoms’, what we are feeling, and then we try to find out “what is wrong’, or why do we have this symptom.  Or how to get rid of the symptom, right?

In Iridology, we listen to a client’s “symptoms”, and record them, because this is the problem they are wanting removed.  So we want to be able to speak to them about “their problem”.

The differance comes in how each “symptom” can have a completely differant result or health challenge and success.

I”d like to give you an example. 

In the past 3 years, I have known 3 people who came to me with “a persistant cough symptom”.  All 3 had been to Medical Dr.’s, and were not seeing any results of the problem clearing.  (That is usually when I get Iridology clients, after they’ve had a problem for a considerable amount of time.)

Now I must clarify that one of the 3 was an elderly senior neighbour, so I did not do Iridology with him or have him as a “client”.  The other 2 were clients, and all of these happened to be male clients.

When I use the tool of Iridology, I look into the eyes and I can “see” what state of health the tissues in the body are at right now.  The eyes can show so many things, and in this example, what I was seeing was a varying degree of

“toxins”, where they were located, and what action could be taken to assist these clients.

I’d also like to mention that Iridology does not see or diagnose any diseases.

What I find amazing, is 2 out of the 3 clients had chronic to degenerative toxic build up in the eyes, and in the location of the lungs, and prostrate.  Chronic and degenerative are terms that basically  mean the “tissues in the body” are going from moderate toxic build up, to a greater degree of toxic build up.  Once the toxins have been building up for so long, it is much harder to get them cleaned out, but it is possible.

My neighbour’s cough was actually diagnosed as cancer of the lungs, and prostrate.  It was too far progressed to un-do.  He was in his 70’s, and it had spread to his bones.  It was a very sad thing to see.

One of my other clients had quite a bit of darkness (darkness meaning toxins again),  in the eyes, and I recommended he get a PSA test, to ensure that everything was still o.k. and had not progressed to far.  After the experience with my neighbour, I wanted to eliminate any possible problems brewing.  There was also inherant weakness in the lungs.  This clients cough was cleared up shortly after he implemented my recomendations, and I haven’t heard back about the psa test, so I hope it went well.

The other male client that came to see me, with this persistant cough, was in great shape.  I looked into his eyes and could “see” and “say” that he simply had a small amount of mucous build-up from over the years. It did not look chronic or over- loaded with toxins.  His case was fairly easy.  I recommended a few herbs, and some enzymes, along with some other suggestions, and I’m confident he will be noticing the differance in his health very quickly.

As it turns out, this last client confirmed that he has studied natural health in various ways.  He has in the past been trying differant healing modalities, and it was easy to see and confirm that he had taken some pretty good care of his body in the past. He was also a decade or so younger.

The eyes just do not lie.  The eyes show us, you and me, what is there, and I share what I can see.  

You as the client can usually confirm what I see with how you feel.  

The 3rd and most recent client I had, also had stiff joints, and stomach problems.  I could see this in his eyes and asked him about it.  He wasn’t there for that part, but he did get help with that as well. 

Iridology and your eyes have so many answer’s.  

I encourage you, please do not wait to get started in creating a healthier YOU. 

Instead of fear of what your eyes may say, have Faith.

The sooner you find out what your bodys needs are, the sooner you can deliver them, and the EASIER it will be.

Inspiring YOUR Health Action,

Your Natural Health Coach,


ps Have a GREAT week-end, and remember, post your comment below, I’d love to hear from you.

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