The Cancer Causing Sex Virus and The Legal Diary of A Drug Dealer.

To-day`s top story in is all about the Cancer Causing Sex Virus HPV.

 Here is the Title from FORBES.COM:

 “Sexually Transmitted Diseases The Cancer-Causing Sex Virus

Matthew Herper; 07.21.10; 04:15 PM EDT

HPV–known for causing cervical cancer–is emerging as the leading cause of throat cancer in men. Should they get the vaccine too?” You can find the full story online at:

NOW BEFORE you run over to your Dr. asking for another vaccine;

or deciding to have your sons and daughters vaccinated;

I suggest it would be wise to do a little more research on the subject,

 as this is a decision that will affect you and your family greatly.

 Yesterday I posted a blog (what a coincidence);

 on a newly released book that EVERYONE NEEDS TO READ.



 She covers the topic of  CANCER IS BIG BIG BUSINESS,

and the HPV vaccine,


– drugs for cholesterol,

 mental illness,

 and CHILDREN`S Ritalin.

 To find out more about her book, see my blogpost below from yesterday.

There are TRUE FACTS AND RESEARCH in this book,

 and this book WILL save lives and the quality of your familys health.

See my Blog Post below to see a picture of the Author Kay, myself, my husband & son;

(meeting her was another synchronicity).

 You won`t be disappointed.


 would you rather be PRO-ACTIVE ;

and boost your immune system – NATURALLY?

Keep reading;

The information below is on cholesterol,

and remember,

 the product name is PHYTOMUNE…so yes it helps with cholesterol,

AND it also improves your immune system…. not by over stimulating; but more like a “modulator`.

Conscious Planet is a 100% trusted Company;

that I HIGHLY recommend to anyone wanting to improve their Health..and their LIfe.

The Buck stops here… why not start now?

Now keep reading;

there`s a free audio recording for you below,

 and more quality natural health information to “Improve Your Health-Naturally”.

Conscious Planet Newsletter:

Every seven minutes in Canada; someone dies from heart disease or stroke.

 High cholesterol is one of the main risk factors. More than 40 per cent of Canadians aged 20 to 79 have an unhealthy level of cholesterol.

According to the Heart and Stroke Foundation; a one point reduction in total cholesterol can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by 25 per cent.

The addition of plant sterols to food products is a significant dietary advancement for Canadians.

 Plant sterols have been recognized for decades and proven in more than 180 clinical studies that 2g per day will significantly lower cholesterol up to 15 per cent within three weeks.

Listen to an Audio with Jack; formulator and supplier of Phytomune Here:

Education is Key.

 Since the 1950`s phytosterols have been studied for their cholesterol lowering effects,

 and clinically proven to enhance immune system function.

More recently they have been shown to aid with prostate problems; diabetes and arthritis.

Conscious Planet New Products & Specials


 Phytomune: 2 for $110! … Save 10%!

(for members, andyou can be one too)

 Achiva: Hemp Protein; Oregano oil; + more: 6 for $100! … Save 35%!

 Testimonial – Dr Peter Jones “Even though plant sterols can be and are eaten as part of a healthy diet; it`s challenging for Canadians to consume enough plant sterols to lower their cholesterol;” .

So there you have some great resources and info. from the Conscious Planet Newsletter.

 Increased Education,

 Pro-Active Actions

 and becoming Responsible for your own Health.

 Are you ready to shift?

Peace and Blessings;

Your Natural Health Coach:


PS  See the Post below, you won’t want to miss what “The Legal Drug Dealer Kay has to say”;

PSS Start Now Improving Your Health-Naturally…

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    Wow…..a power-packed blog with a lot of thoughtful, well researched and considered
    important info on very serious ,life changing issues.

    You do very professional work and present it to us very effectively.

    Thanks Coach Annette,

    Jerry J….the relationship guy

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