3 Simple and Profound Health Tips

3 Simple and Profound Health Tips for …


Balanced Blood Sugars- and this is NOT just for Diabetics.


Did you realize there are just as many people suffering from “low blood sugars”,

on a daily basis?  Not the low’s experienced from “insulin induced low’s.


I am referring to the low blood sugar’s  caused by excess stress, improper eating habits, and no exercise.


Diabetes, it’s everywhere, and everyone is scrambling to “cure this dis-ease”.


It is a rare occurrence for there to be information presented on both aspects

of these “blood sugar imbalances”, (which is how I describe these health challenges). 


I would like to bring this into the awareness to-day, so we can re-consider how this affects all of us.


When you haven’t eaten for 4 or 5 hours, you may suddenly feel

hungry, or shaky, tired or crabby.   


I suffered with these symptoms, and still do, if I’m not paying attention.


These feelings can be an indication that your body needs food, the blood sugars are

dropping, and it is giving you the warning signal.

Usually, we experience low blood sugars for quite a long time, years,

 before we  even realize we have a problem.

If you crave sugar in the afternoon, like sweets,  pasta, juice, coffee, and donuts,

then there is a good chance your blood sugars are dropping or have dropped too fast.


Imbalanced blood sugars create MANY health problems,

including, heart, memory, and circulation problems.


We are into November Diabetes Awareness Month.


I would encourage us all to consider this: “November Balancing Blood Sugar Month.


Notice how you are feeling in the afternoon, how much fast carbohydrates are you eating?

How do you feel afterwards? 

Pretend you are a diabetic for a day, and really notice, how much insulin would

you need to administer to yourself, if you were a Type I Diabetic, for the meal you just ate?


This can help us become aware of our eating habits, and encourage us to make small changes now,

 so we don’t build the more serious health challenges later. 


  1. Start your day with an easy to digest protein, such as hemp hearts, hemp protein w greens and enzymes, or eggs with enzymes if you do not have hemp available.
  2. Eat every 2 hours, never go 4 or 5 hours without a snack. 

             The best snacks are nuts and seeds, fresh vegetables, and fresh fruit. 

             Dried Goji berries and Mulberries are also excellent to mix with your raw nuts.

     3.  When you are eating a high carbohydrate meal like pasta

, include  a  BIG  GREEN SALAD,  to provide the fibre required to slow down the blood sugar spike,

created from eating fast releasing carbohydrate foods.



 blood sugar’s effect all of our health,

the more we become aware, the better choices we can make.


Creating Balance….One meal at a time.


Your Natural Health & Spiritualpreneur Coach,



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