Happy Canada Day & Aligning the Heart with the Head

Happy Canada Day .to Canadians and to everyone, everywhere.

To-day and as we move forward,

May we all FEEL more in our Hearts,

the Love, Joy and Possiblity available,

and allow our Minds to Align and Express this innerr Heart wisdom.

If you are feeling the energy shifts occurring,

either in pressure, or in pleasure,

simply allow and trust,

the journey is Now, and anything that is not serving your Highest good,

and the highest good for all, is asking to be dissolved.

Hang in there if you are transitioning and dissolving,

and those who feel more joy and love,

Shine Bright.

We are in this Together, Your are not alone, Together We Will Thrive.

Do something this week-end, that brings you Joy in your Heart,

it can be simple, your worth it, Receive it.

Your Natural and Spiritual Health Guide,


PS “Now Is the time, and We Are the Ones we have been waiting for.” Hopi

PSS Thank-You for BEing on this journey…with me, I appreciate YOU.

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