Giving and Receiving-what comes easier for you?

If I were to ask you, do you see yourself as a giver in life?
Or, do you see yourself as a “receiver” in your life?


Do you feel giving is an honourable quality?
What quality or feeling does receiving have for you?
Recently this awareness around “what is receiving” has been
making it’s appearance in my life.
It’s seems to be a lesson, a learning, around how I perceive receiving vs. giving.

Like a 2 sided coin, on one side giving, on the other receiving?
It’s not a 50-50 rule or game, it is simply that both giving and receiving are required for balance.

How can you give to someone, something you do not have?
Giving to others does make us feel good, and we have been brought up this way in much of our society.
Now the receiving part can actually become difficult for people who are givers.

Here are a few examples of how givers may respond to being given a compliment:

– when someone compliments your clothing, do you respond quickly with, “oh this old sweater”,
– or if someone compliments your cooking, do you respond with, “oh it was nothing”, or even a “thank-you” is a back at ya type of reply.
– or someone offers to pay for your lunch, “ oh no, it’s okay, I’ll get it.”

These are all very normal responses for most of us to-day, and as my awareness around this topic has evolved, I have noticed that we don’t really know how to receive a compliment in our bodies.

The dictionary says:
Receiving is the act of “being able to take in”, such as:

– take in the compliment and feel it within your body-ahh, that feels good.
– take in the beauty you see with your eyes of the mountains and trees, is receiving (taking in), beauty within your being.
– take in the appreciation someone has expressed to you for helping them with something- receive their appreciation of you, and feel it within your body and being.
– and to take in these feelings of joy, appreciation, & beauty, is to be able to feel it within your body, as Ellie Drake would say “luxuriate in the feeling”.
I really like that word, luxuriate, just saying it make me feel good.

Now one more question, how do you give to someone, who has difficulty in receiving?

I wonder if we need to practice and remember how to receive?

I have some wonderful insights on how to receive gracefully, graciously and joyfully, so both the giver and the receiver are able to “take in and luxuriate” in the dance of giving and receiving.
Stay tuned, the next blog post will continue with:
Is Receiving, a Gift for the Giver?

I enjoy hearing your “AHA” moments,

and I invite you to comment below.

Your Natural and Spiritual Health Coach,



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