RISE with me on 11-11-11 with Love not Fear.

Are you a Braveheart Woman?

If you are reading this…you realize there is no coincidences,

only synchronicities. You have received my Step 1 in Preparing for 2012,

and if you truly are ready to bust through the blocks and trust in the process,

I wholeheartedly invite YOU to come along for a joyful ride of a lifetime.

As you are very aware, time is quickening, and it is important to

continually re-align with positive vibrations and your own inner knowing.

Together we are shifting into a new way of BEing, Living and Co-Creating.

Join myself, and many other women, who are saying YES to connecting with their

PASSION, remembering their PURPOSE,

and ALLOWING themselves a few days to RISE with hundreds of other BRAVEHEART WOMEN.

YOU are the One the world has been waiting for,

come along and Sing your heart’s song, share your Blessings,

and RISE with us.

Are you questioning..what is a Braveheart Women?
A BraveHeart woman is a purpose-driven women who strives to blossom personally, prosper professionally as well as collaborate with other women to make a global difference. In short, BraveHeart women are working toward creating a tipping point across the globe for millions of women who want to inspire each other to be fulfilled and successful.

I have been associated with BraveHeart Women for over 2 years. They have an online community of over 300,000 members and growing …

But they are not just the fastest-growing online community for women … they have so much more going on, such as their annual RISE event in Los Angeles, California, Nov. 10-13, that offers opportunities for self- discovery, inspiration, and collaboration.

I have been blessed to connect with many BraveHeart Women who choose to grow on a personal level, as well as to become prosperous in their business lives. They also consider connecting and collaborating with other women to help them do the same thing to be very important.

I invite you to join us at RISE Nov. 10-13. Here’s just a little bit of what you have to look forward to:

*Meet and mingle with other women who also want to increase their professional prosperity and be part of a community that will support you to do so at our incredible Prosperity Pampering Party

*Receive insights on how to blossom on a personal level and overcome challenges, conquer your fears and rise above your mind to tap into your soul expression

*Detailed steps and encouragement on how to fulfill your deepest goals and dreams

*Learn how these women are collaborating to create a tipping point for those who want to their help other BraveHeart sisters around the world

*Recognize and release your personal blocks right on the spot so you can live on purpose in a state of flow

*Discover new ways for you to implement the law of attraction and learn how to manifest on a much bigger level

*Be part of a soul-to-soul connection called the Oxytocin Experience (it’s so amazing that is all I can tell you for now)

*And the highlight of your weekend will be when you get all fancied up and walk the red carpet along with the Celebrities at our BraveHeart Women Awards Show.

In the past we have hosted such esteemed celebrities as Rolonda Watts, Kim Kiyosaki and her husband, Robert, Gloria Loring, Marla Maples, Lisa Nichols, Dr. Maya Angelou, Tippi Hedren, Sherri Shepherd, Yvette Nicole Brown, Sussan Deyhim, Shannon Tweed, and Marianne Williamson. So you’ll have the opportunity to rub shoulders with the magnificent and famous as well!

I have personally benefited from the teachings and friendships of these fabulous BraveHeart Women, and the Founder Ellie Drake is truly a Light of Inspiration. I really want to share these few days with you.

You can find out more about the RISE event and register online:


Please feel free to invite your friends … bring them with you, or just share this blogpost so they can register online.

I look forward to meeting you there!

With inspiration and joy,

Your Natural and Spiritual health Guide,

and…Braveheart Sister,


PS If you have any questions, or would like to speak with me more about attending,

please feel free to contact me, simply email me at: info@annetteshealthaction.com

PSS Truly this is not an outer experience, but an opportunity for an INNER SHIFT,

and remember, YOU ARE WORTH IT.

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