Preparing for 2012 & Beyond-Step 1

It has been brought to my attention,

the need for us to move into 2012, with more love and hope in our hearts,

and there are 7 steps to get us started…here is Step 1.

The Hopi have said: “NOW IS THE TIME,


Are you feeling and hearing your Inner Calling?

It is time to become aware, and stay centered  during this time of the Great Shift into Oneness, here on earth.

You are here for a reason, and reading this inspiring information, to-day, is your confirmation that you are ready to put up your hand, and step up to fulfilling your own inner heart’s calling.

To-day is the day, and to-morrow is built on your willingness to

stay centered, hopeful, inspired, and trust, that we are co-creating a very beautiful, peaceful world to live in.

There has been prophecies from the Hopi, and the Mayan,

that you may be familiar with, and the main point is this,

We are being given the opportunity to  shift vibrationally,  here on earth, into Divine Human Beings, into a Being that re-members how to live with love and light.  It is time to take off our armour,

remove the walls around our hearts, and begin to allow the Grace of Love into our hearts. 

It is only once we have opened our hearts to remembering the love, trust, and joy within us, that we can spread this Light externally.

It all starts within you, and within me, and I appreciate your willingness, to show up to-day, with a very Brave Heart, because that is what is being asked of us. 

To have a brave heart enables you to see the possibility of a peaceful, loving world, and begin to co-create it, to-day.

A braveheart also enables us to begin letting go of what is not serving us anymore as we grow into this higher vibration.

You are seeing the earth shift right before your eyes,

there is no denying there are people struggling.  It is important to remember to stay in the vibration of Love, and not in fear, regret, or hopelessness. 

The time is now to shift into  ONENESS, Love, Joy, Grace, and Open our Hearts with Trust in the Divine Wisdom available to all.

Love not fear, Hope not hopelessness, are you ready to take inspired action toward your inner calling?

  Let’s begin with Step 1:

  1. It all begins with YOU. 

One of the most difficult concepts we have to-day, is the idea that it is okay to spend time taking caring of yourself.  Many, many, many people immediately have a belief that pops up saying’ “selfishness”, I feel selfish when I take care of myself. .  So herein lies your first challenge, hurtle or lesson to awaken within.. 

You cannot give, what you do not have inside of you. 

We cannot spread joy, if we are sad within.

You cannot spread wealth, if you are broke.

We cannot spread Love, if we feel fear within.

I trust this makes sense to you, and yet in our daily lives, we have created a world where taking time for Peace Within, has been de-valued. 

Instead, rushing through life has become normal,

and our mind goes crazy when we attempt to “stop the rush”, and sit still.

 Is this true for you?

Step #1, is take time for YOU.  You deserve it. 

Remember what you like to do, what brings your heart joy, what feels good in your body, and then stop long enough to FEEL IT and ENJOY IT.  This is how you fill up your own energy resources. 

When you run on empty, your family, friends and co-workers  can feel this shortage within you, and energy speaks louder than anything else.  It’s the trump card, and when you remember to fill up your own energy stores first, you can use that trump card to help others, and that my friends, is the gem in step #1.

Until next time,

Enjoy feeling fulfilled- with love not fear, hope not hopelessness!

Your Natural and Spiritual Health Coach,


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