Preparing for 2012-and Beyond, with Hope.

I came across a quote to-day that resonated a truth within me,

and sharing it with you came to mind.

First I want to ask you one question…Are you feeling hopeful moving forward into 2012,

or do you feel hopeless?

Yesteday we watched a program that was talking about robot war,

and how they are developing robots,

including airplanes, vehicles, and robotic people.

Watching something like this seemed to instill fear and hopelessness in me,

not love and hope.

If you are watching these kinds of programs – (found on regular t.v.),

remember to look for programs that also share the Light and Love

that is occurring on this planet,

or you may spiral into lower vibrations that will not serve you,

or our transition and evolution that is occurring at this time.

The internet actually has a wide array of positive programs,

like the Congress of Light which was truly an uplifting experience.

Okay, now onto the uplifting quote I felt inspired to share with you…

and my hope, is for you to take this message into your heart,

and really feel the power and positivity in which this message can create for you,


as we move forward into 2012 and Beyond.

By Harold Whitman:

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs.

Ask yourself What makes You Come Alive,

and then, go and do that.

Because what the world needs is ….

is people who have Come Alive.”

With that,

I en-courage you,

to take time,

for yourself,

to Come Alive…from within,

and greater serve the world from there.

Until next time,

Live with joy, hope, love and peace.

Your Natural and Spiritual Health Coach,


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