2012 Is Happening Now!

Well my friends, the 2012 Shift is happening now, and I have been inspired to create a Free Tele-class to discuss this lively topic.

The theme of this topic is to keep your eye on the Light,
and Trust in the process of Transformation. I was so busy setting
up the teleclass, and all the techy details, that I forgot to post
it on my blog here…oops.

So if you want to catch this Free- Teleclass, simply visit my
www.2012withloveandhope.com website,
and you can register for the call, and receive all the call in details.

We had the call to-day, but the Replay link is ready,
and the BONUSES are still available. I’m not sure for how long,
but hop on over and find out.

We talk about the 3 Ways to Open up and experience more hope,
love and joy, during the daily life challenges.

Inspirational, Light-ness and AHA moments were words described
by the participants. Come along and enjoy the fun.


Have an Inspired Hope-filled week-end,


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