Healthy Thoughts

My mentor, Dr. Bernard Jensen used to say,  “you can’t move a finger, bake a cake, or go dancing” without first having the “thought” to do the “action”.  This was  great advice, from an 89 year old man who had reversed cancer and paralysis.  He learned from the realm of Spirit, on his near death bed, […]

How can I build my blood (iron level)?

This is a question I was just asked at the  grocery store, by a local lady I know.  Living in a small town, I get these types of question’s quite often.  Some of the question’s aren’t  easy to answer. This one, came with immediate answer’s. There are some herbs that are extremely helpful in building a […]

High Vibration’s – Love and Gratitude

“Love and Gratitude are of the highest of vibrations.” – Dr. Masuru Emoto   Science has now proven that we are made of energy.  Every thought we think, every action we take, and every word we speak creates a vibration of energy that goes out into the Universe.  The Universe matches that vibration and sends […]

How do you know if your supplements are actually working?

  This was the Question of the Day from Renegade Health.  Here is my suggestion’s to this question.  Here are 2 option’s in answering this. 1.      The way natural health practitioner’s like Iridologists and Live Blood Analysis do it, and 2.      The way the Western medical community do it. The Medical community will take blood […]

Creating Health…From the Inside-Out!

Did you know, that you can create a whole new body?  Did you know, that you are not “stuck” with those inherited family genes?  You may have inherited genes, and inherited weaknesses in your body, and the good news is, if you “support them”, they won’t break down on you. I like to encourage you […]