Life is your mind Expressed

Whoa, I just read an excerpt from “Happy Pocketful of Money”, stating this powerful statement.  Life is your Mind Expressed.  In other words, Life is your thoughts, expressed.  Dr. Jensen’s statement that thought precedes everything, still stands to-day.  So if we transfer this to feeling fantastic, we need to start “thinking” about “feeling fantastic”!  The longer we chase our […]

Eating seasonally

It is the time of year that brings excitement in the Northern countries like Canada.  Seeds are planted, and fresh raw yummy food is on it’s way.  Eating locally and what’s in season is an easy way to “amp up” your health.  The best part is in the “taste”.  In my local neck of the […]

Raw Food – Day 5 – Stayin’ Alive!!

Well, to support our direction in reversing diabetes naturally, we have embarked on an 80% or as much as possible. RAW DIET.   The symptoms of detoxing are beginning to appear.  My head and throat are feeling a little clogged, I have an increasing thirst for more water.  It’s good, a natural way to detox, drink more […]

Resisting Healthy Change

Early this morning a thought floated across my mind.  It was a question actually.  Why did I resist the changes that were required to live my purpose and live my dreams?  This question lead me to a journey down memory lane, and a wonderful A.H.A. moment.  Many years ago,  I took an electronics course , and we […]

Reversing Juvenile Diabetes Naturally

There is a fundraising campaign occuring that is sponsored by Telus. It is a walk for Juvenile Diabetes, to raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.  My husband and sister work for Telus, and we participated in this event last year. This year we have become aware of “Reversing Diabetes Naturally”.    My son is a […]