Winter colds and Mother Nature

During the winter months our bodies can go through a variety of symptoms.  Colds, flu’s and fever’s are a common experience.  The TV commercials

suggest an array of products which can suppress any symptom we may be feeling, and claims to” keep us going” regardless of how we feel.

The very best thing we can do for a cold or flu is the exact opposite.  Listening to your own body’s messages is the only way to improve your health.  If you feel drained and tired, then stop and rest.  It sounds simple, but in our society, we have been trained to keep going, suppress the symptoms, and then we wonder why we end up with flu symptoms, or colds that just won’t go away. 

Colds are a natural cleansing process, allowing the toxins in our bodies to be removed, and during this process we need extra rest. Just look outside your window, and see how mother nature is at rest during the winter.  There is less activity, because this is the time to be dormant, slow down, sleep more and allow our bodies to rest.  This is the hardest thing for us to do, and when we do it, it also brings the greatest rewards.

Colds come with the following symptoms:

  • Headache
  • Runny nose
  • Sore Throat
  •   Loss of appetite
  • Low energy.

Remember, there are ways to build up your immune system, give it the extra nutrients it requires to repair itself, “while” you are also taking the time to rest.





  • Allow the toxins to flow out of the body and be removed,. Herbs like boneset, mullein, horseradish, and fennel will support the respiratory system and the cleansing process.  Often these herbs can be found in combination such as AL-J Extract, liquid or capsules found in Natures Sunshine Products. 
  • Provide other extra nutrients, such as elderberry, garlic, or oregano oil which are excellent to give your immune system some help. 
  • if you’re not hungry, don’t eat.  Your body is using all the energy to get well, and digesting solid foods requires extra energy it does not have.
  • sip on warm herb tea’s, homemade soup broths and diluted non-acidic fruit juices, or add green liquid chlorophyll to your water.  This will keep you hydrated and give you much need minerals for your body to repair.
  • Keeping the colon clean with flaxseed meal or a gentle cleansing tea (not senna), will also help eliminate toxins.

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Colds are our friends, not our enemies.  It is allowing the ‘garbage to be taken out” of our bodies, so we have room for new healthy cells to be born.  The sooner you pay attention to your body, listen and “nourish” it, the sooner it will bounce back with vibrant health and vitality.  

Take care of yourself, because you are worth it!

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