UnBridle Your Self – New Web Home for You!

Is it time to have more Joy, Ease and Fun

 in your living and your business?

Annettes Health Action has changed it’s name & web-home,

it is now ~ “The Conscious Cowgirl“~ How Fun is That?




I bring the same 20 years of Natural and Spiritual Health Guidance,

 with a flare of good old “Down to Earth FUN”!   



Is it time to UnBridle Your Knowing & BE Your Yee-Haa Self?

Life on Earth & Evolving doesn’t have to be pain-filled anymore.

Are you willing to travel the journey with more Joy and Ease?

Yee-Haa to that!


Women around the world are waking up to “Them Self” .  The Conscious Cowgirl provides a safe, spiritual space for women to Evolve, Grow, BE & Receive more of Who they really are, and to Remove & Release who they are NOT, in a simple,&  fast way.  Many tools for thriving & awakening have been acquired on this journey: ~Herbalist, Iridologist, Nutrition, Energy Healing, Access Consciousness and more. ~

 Thriving together in a Tribe is natural for womenCollaborating rather than Competing is natural for women, yet we seem to have “forgotten” this “Natural State of BEing“.

Annettes Health Action and my 19 year journey of healing from cancer, emotional pain and challenges with being a “Sensitive Soul”,  has shown me ways to move through these challenges, and understand my Self , Know Thyself more clearly so I could Thrive here on earth.

My philosophy to “continually take”Inspired Action“.  has been a great motto in living life and moving beyond the changes and challenges presented during this great time of awakening on earth.

I have consistently collected tools and ways to shift and move energy, to know what my intuition is saying, and to listen to my body’s wisdom, and you too have this same possibility.

My favorite mantra now is:

Consciousness Includes Everything & Judges Nothing!

 & ~ How does it get any better than this? ~


I now invite you to your New Home at The Conscious Cowgirl ~


~ UnBridle Your Self & Be Your Yee-Haa Self~

Remember, You are Not Alone & the Universe Does have your Back!



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